May 28, 2023

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Omigron: How does the booster dose work? Differential Govit-19 Corona virus vaccine | Technology

Before the variation came For the country, the Ministry of Health announced that the third dose will be used after the second three months and not after five. Thus, thousands of people can get their booster dose.

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“The use of the third dose is progressing, there is no need to wait another five months, but only three months, there are other countries that use the third dose in three months, which should be used here. Those in three doses have 75% extra protection against newer strains., He promised.

Recent data from the EMA indicate that booster doses of the Govt vaccine may be given “safely and effectively” three months after the last injection, and that most cases of the Omigran variant appear to be “mild”.

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“Although it has been suggested until now that booster doses be given after six months, the currently available data support the safe and effective administration of booster doses. Three months after the first full vaccination schedule “, Said Marco Cavalieri, head of EMA’s vaccination strategy in Amsterdam.

When is this possible “Such a short break is desirable from a public health perspective”, Cavaleri added.

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The European Drug Administrator recently announced that vaccines could be approved in three or four months against the new variant if needed.

“We do not currently have sufficient data on the impact of this variant on approved vaccines, but we continue to analyze the horizon to gather conclusions about it.”Cavalry inspected.

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Pfizer and BioNTech, for their part, emphasized the effectiveness of their three-dose omigran vaccine.

It is important to clarify that current data on the level of antibodies are from the laboratory and Experts believe that “real world” data is needed Learn how vaccines work against Omigran.

This Monday, Moderna announced that it is increasing the booster dose of its vaccine using technology such as Pfizer / Bioendech. Neutralizes antibodies approximately 37 times against Omigran Compared with previous doses of this third dose.

In addition, in a study conducted by the company, the modified dose of its current vaccine (100 ug and 50 ug) increased the level of approximately neutralizing antibodies. 83 times compared to pre-boost levels.

“The dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases of the Omicron variant is of concern to all. However, these data show that the Moderna booster can increase antibody levels Neutralizers are 37 times more abundant Pre-strengthening conditions promise “, Commented Stephen Boncel, CEO of Moderna.

This has already happened in front of Delta

Current vaccines have already lost some degree of effectiveness against Delta, but have maintained their protection against severe forms of COVID-19. Mutations in the Omigron variant can significantly reduce antibody immunity to the virus.

As a result, you probably can Re-infection in people previously infected with the virus Contaminates a significant number of people who have already been vaccinated.

Several recent laboratory studies support the latter hypothesis. Low antibody rate to Ómicron in those vaccinated with Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna and Astrogeneneka or Sinovac.

During this time, the booster dose of the vaccine helps to strengthen the defenses. However, medications can still be effective The antibodies they produce are only part of the immune response.

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The “cellular immunity” that goes through cells called D lymphocytes is very difficult to detect.

A study published this week in South Africa suggests that the Pfizer / Bioendech vaccine may be effective against severe forms of the infection caused by Omigran, including the first two doses.

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