May 19, 2022

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Omigron | Corona virus | WHO: “In the future we will live with COVID-19 and it will not disappear in the short term” Tetros Adonom Capreius | | The world

CEO of , Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, predicted It will not disappear in the short term, the world will continue to live with it, but “learning to live with this disease does not mean giving it complete freedom,” he promised. “We are going to live with COVID-19 in the future, and we must learn to manage it with consistent and integrated systems to combat acute respiratory illness,” Tetros stressed at the launch of the WHO Executive Committee this week. Its 150th session.

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However, he added, “I am learning to live COVID-19 That does not mean giving us complete freedom, nor can we assume that we accept 50,000 deaths per week for a disease that is predictable and curable.

The effects of the ‘long covit’, which is not yet fully known, should not be ignored, “he said, referring to many people who show signs of health problems even after recovering from the disease.

The leader of WHO Confirmed that there are various scenarios to end the acute phase of the epidemic, but “it is dangerous to assume it is dangerous Omigron variant Be the last or we are already at the end.

“On the contrary, the conditions are favorable for the emergence of new variants”, due to the record number of infections, which was the highest on January 20 for more than two years of the epidemic, with nearly four million global positives in a single day.

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Tetros recalled that January 30 marked two years since the WHO declared an international emergency due to the corona virus (the disease had not yet been baptized. COVID-19), There were less than a hundred cases outside China and no deaths.

“Two years later, nearly 350 million cases and more than 5.5 million deaths have been reported. Deaths every three seconds and five per minute.

“Everyone is tired of epidemics, people are tired of traffic restrictions, economies and businesses are suffering, and many governments are trying to balance what is effective and what is acceptable to the public.” Tetros insisted.

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