January 24, 2022


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Omigron | Corona virus: US records record high number of daily infections of Govt-19 of overall infections | USA | USA | The world

, Facing the fifth wave Due to According to Johns Hopkins University, an average of 265,427 new daily cases were reported on Tuesday since the outbreak began. The average number of new cases per day in the last seven days in the world’s most miserable country has surpassed the record of 251,989 reached during the third wave in January 2021.

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Omigron is the dominant type in the United States, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) This is 59% new cases for the week ending December 25th.

The Federal Public Health Service slashed its ratings for the previous week (ending December 18): from 73% Omigron This goes up to 22.5% (exact data).

“We have received more data during this period and there has been a reduction in the ratio of omigran” A CDC spokesman explained to AFP.

“It should be noted that we continue to see a steady increase in the rate of omigran”. Yet he insisted.

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“Fast wave”

The curve of new infections from early September to late October, after the fourth wave caused by delta variation, has risen again for two months, and is now highly contagious, with omigran.

“It will be a fast wave, but very difficult”, Harvard epidemiologist Michael Mina estimated on Twitter on Tuesday that he thinks the record of infections is only the “tip of the iceberg” because of the number of cases that have not been diagnosed or reported.

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Antigen tests have the advantage of giving results in minutes, making the problem worse because they are less sensitive to omigran than previous variants, U.S. health officials warned Tuesday.

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That is, even if the person is affected (so-called false negatives) these tests are more likely to be negative.

for now The hospital admission curve also increases, Adding about 9,000 new Covid-19 patients daily to the United States, but this is far from the 16,500 registered in early January 2021, according to CDC data.

Currently the country has an average of about 1,200 deaths per day from Govt-19, up from a maximum of about 3,400 a year ago.

Reduced isolation

More than 820,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States since the outbreak of the epidemic, the highest number in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.

The U.S. government this week decided to halve the recommended duration of segregation for individuals who are positive for Govt-19, which can go from 10 to five days for asymptomatic patients, due to infections that disrupt restaurants and the cancellation of flights and shows. And positive cases for close contacts who have not been vaccinated for 14 to 5 days.

According to official AFP figures, the world has reached new epidemiological records in the past week, with an average of more than 935,000 cases of Govt-19 being diagnosed daily from December 22nd to 28th.

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A new variant of the corona virus, Omigron, is spreading around the world
A new variant of the corona virus, Omigron, is spreading around the world

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