January 23, 2022


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Omigron | Corona virus: new variant of Govit-19 confirmed countries | South Africa | The world

New countries report local spread cases this Friday , Though .

In October, 74,893 deaths were reported in connection with the Kovit-19 virus, according to Russian statistics Rosstad, the worst month in the country since the outbreak, with a total of 520,000 deaths.

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More than a week , Whose characteristics are not yet known, but which is causing panic around the world, the list of affected countries and the number of cases is growing non-stop.

As of noon on Friday, 109 cases had been reported across the European Economic Area (EU and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)., According to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC).

, Two of them correspond to patients who do not go abroad, which also indicates that the spreads are now local.

An Indian health worker collects a swap sample from a passenger on a train from Bangalore for a corona virus test following the detection of the Omigron variant. (EFE / EPA / IDREES Mohammed).

, Despite a ban on foreigners entering the country and air restrictions on South Africa.

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, A 62-year-old man who never traveled anywhere was vaccinated.

Tunisia and Mexico announced the first cases on Friday, and Mexican Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Cadell used the opportunity to denounce that closing borders was not an effective measure to control differences.

Classifies as WHO "Worrying" A new variant of COVID-19 and named micron
The WHO classifies a new variant of COVID-19 as “worrying” and names it Ómicron.
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Francesco Rocca, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross and IFRC (IFRC), told the AFP that the origin of this variation was “a definite proof” of the danger of inequality, recalling the threat to “see the latest variations.” Where the vaccination rate is very low. “

Many are unknown

Although the new variant may seem highly contagious, its spokesperson , Christian Lindmeyer, said Friday he did not receive .

As many countries test the new variant, he said, “we have more cases, more information and – though I do not believe – deaths.”

An illustration taken in London on December 2, 2021, shows a bottle and syringes attached to the Covit-19 vaccine label, and a screen displaying the word omigron, the name of a new variant of the corona virus.  (Justin Dollis / AFP).
An illustration taken in London on December 2, 2021, shows a bottle and syringes attached to the Covit-19 vaccine label, and a screen displaying the word omigron, the name of a new variant of the corona virus. (Justin Dollis / AFP).

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In total, The omicron has been found in 38 countries And the variation is now widespread in all six regions WHOThe WHO Technical Manager for Covit-19 said, Mary Van Kerkov, During the same press conference.

The WHO A South African study has found that the risk of re-covid-19 shrinkage in Omigran is three times higher than in beta and delta variants, so it is already “possible” that the variant may spread worldwide.

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On South Africa, The new variant is already in effect and health officials have reported an increase in infections in children, although it is not yet known if this is relevant. Omigron.

New restrictions in Germany

Since the appearance of the dominant and already highly contagious delta, the variant of the Covit-19 has not caused so much panic.

Announcements of drastic measures and travel restrictions are on the rise around the world.

Germany imposes restrictions on those who are not vaccinated
The Teutonic nation encourages drastic measures.

On Germany, Outgoing Chancellor , Which should be controlled in practice and minimize their interactions.

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The draft law on compulsory vaccination will be tabled in the German parliament in February or March. Austria, Which has again restricted its population, and in Greece, it has reduced the deadline for the third dose. In France, nine cases of omigran have been confirmed.

Switzerland, on the other hand, will abolish compulsory isolation of vaccinated persons from entering the country on Saturday, but will tighten testing requirements.

In Asia, a day after Singapore announced two cases, neighboring Malaysia and Sri Lanka filed their first cases on Friday, each involving travelers returning from Africa.

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Currently, the Director-General of the WHO, Tetros Adonom Caprese, Vaccine coverage and adequate detection levels, especially in Africa, are said to be “the perfect recipe for variations on breeding and reproduction”.

Many companies, including Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer / BioNTech and Novavax, have expressed confidence in the ability to develop the Omigron vaccine.

Russia has also been targeting this variant specifically in its version of Sputnik V.

According to AFP, Govt-19 has killed at least 5,233,111 people worldwide and affected nearly 265 million people by the end of 2019.

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