June 8, 2023


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Omigron | Corona virus: France records more than 332,000 Govt-19 infections in a single day, a new record for a complete epidemic | Emmanuel Macron | The world

This Wednesday saw the recording of a new daily record of infections With 332,252, the number of hospital admissions continued to increase after the previous day’s 271,686, although this is clearly lower than the previous wave.

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Hours before the Public Health Organization released the figures for the day, Health Minister Oliver Warren had proposed that there be 335,000 new Govt cases during the debate on the bill to impose the vaccine certificate in the National Assembly. Health certificate.

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Varen justified the bill, which, if approved by the government next week, would force a full immunization schedule for multiple social activities, such as drinking at a bar or restaurant and going to the cinema. For a show. , Travel to a theater or on long-distance public transport.

The minister stressed that those who are not vaccinated are 20 times more likely to stay in intensive care units than others.

Today 20,688 people have been admitted to the hospital Corona virus Inside France And 3,695 ICUs, up from 20,186 and 3,665, respectively, compared to Tuesday.

However, these figures are far from the complete record of 33,500 patients admitted to the hospital in mid-November 2020 and more than 7,100 in the intensive care units that occurred in early April of the same year.

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Event rate Corona virus In seven days France The deadline for official figures is 1,200 cases per 100,000 people from January 2.

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The death toll is also rising. On Tuesday, 351 were reported, compared to 1,272 deaths in the previous week up to January 1st.

Since the first records of the epidemic in February 2020, 124,809 people have died in France.

According to the vaccine campaign, 66,347 people have been vaccinated in the last 24 hours, which is their first injection.

In total, approximately 51.9 million people have a complete immunization schedule, which is 76.9% of the population. In addition, about 26.2 million people have received the booster dose, which has been administered in France since September 1st.

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The news of Govt in France has been marked by the words of the President in the last few hours, Emmanuel Macron, In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, said he was willing to put all the pressure on those who had not been vaccinated, adding that he really wanted to harass them, for which he used the colloquial verb “emmerder”, which can also be translated as fuck. Or by prostitution.

The revelation provoked a strong backlash, with critics of political opposition and several hours in the legislature blocking the implementation of its bill on health certification.

He sought to justify this controversial word used by his prime minister, Jean Costex Macron, “Citizens who refuse to be vaccinated have a problem. This is not an insult to anyone. This is a fact that the President wanted to remember.

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According to Costex, the problem with those who are not vaccinated is that their decision not to be vaccinated increases their risk of contaminating others and disrupting health services.

Beyond the controversy, the Prime Minister appealed to the delegates to continue to study the legislative agenda and stressed that “the vaccine is our essential weapon and we will continue to promote it.”

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