January 24, 2022


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Omigron | Corona virus: Bill Gates: “Omigron looks like seasonal flu” | கோவிட் -19 | The world

Bill Gates sees a silver castle in massive waves It broke records of Govt cases around the world.

At the Twitter Q&A session, the former CEO Microsoft And founder of the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates That was once predicted Omigron Arises in a community, the community will see “Many less cases”, I.e. the Govt It can “be treated like seasonal flu.”

An increase Omigron “It will build a lot of immunity for at least next year,” he said. Gates, Provides temporary herd immunity to the population.

Governments around the world are beginning to consider shifting to a “live with it” approach. Virus“It simply came to our notice then Govit-19 Like a Local disease. Dealing with such a trick Corona virus As a threat to vulnerable people such as children and the elderly, but on a larger scale will allow other people in the community to continue their normal lives.

In some countries the number of cases has already begun to decline

Some of the first affected countries Omigron They are already beginning to see a decline in cases. Cases in South Africa, Where this variation was first detected, has dropped significantly since it peaked in mid-December, with one expert calling the increase in cases “more sudden flood than tidal.”

Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States are beginning to see similar trends as the rapid increase in events Corona virus This means that the number of people infected with the virus is low.

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Health systems will be challenged by Ómicron

Gates However, he warned that “health systems will be challenged.” Omigron. Although the new variant is relatively light, the Hospitals May be even greater by a greater number of cases Omigron Requires medical attention.

As those admitted to the hospital Corona virus Reached a record this week in the United States, with patients and health workers waiting long before being admitted to hospital Hospital.

Hospitals such as airlines and grocery stores are suffering from staff shortages Positive Govt They are at home.

Health officials in the United States are considering allowing health workers Covit-positive Go to work if you have mild or no symptoms to alleviate the staff shortage in hospitals.

Gates also touched on the issue of misinformation. Public figures such as Gates and Anthony Fossie, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, have come under attack on social media for their public health councils.

“I do not understand putting chips in hands, why do I want to do it?” Gates was asked about the false conspiracy theory that the millionaire philanthropist accused him of fitting surveillance devices to humans through vaccines. Govt19.

At a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Fassi accused Senator Rand Paul of using “a catastrophic epidemic” for political gain, pointing to Senator’s use of “shooting Powsey” as a fundraising ploy.

Fassi said the rhetoric “incites madness” and led to threats against him and his family.

Hope for Gates That him Govt Finally it seems like the flu is not new. Gates Hospital and Mortality Rate at Bloomberg’s New Economic Forum in Singapore in November Govt They are expected to fall below the seasonal flu level by mid-2022, while a more dangerous new variant is expected to emerge.

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A few weeks later, the scientists entered South Africa Announces the discovery of a new highly contagious govt variant: Omigron.

For now, Gates believes it is the origin of a more transmissible variant than that Omigron no chance. But, he says, “We were very surprised during these epidemics.”

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The official number of Govt-19 cases topped 300 million on Friday as all countries fought against the spread of the Omigran variant and increased vaccination campaigns.

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