May 31, 2023

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Omigron | China Corona virus: Video shows child protection clothing isolated by Govt-19 explosion in Anyang | The world

Five million people were restrained in the central city of Anyang on Tuesday to control an outbreak of disease. , The state press reported. Authorities announced the move late Monday, ordering residents to stay indoors and not to drive in private vehicles, the state agency Xinhua said.

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The More than 4,000 children from Anyang had to be isolated in isolated centers due to the corona virus outbreak. Videos circulating on social media show children in protective clothing walking towards buses to take them to isolated places.

The disease spread to the school where the boys were studying. According to CNN, the children were transferred to three isolated sites on Jan. 9 after infection.

The company announced that all non-essential businesses had been shut down and that a major test campaign had been launched to “respond to the severe epidemic situation and strictly prevent the spread of the Omigron virus outbreak.”

Cases AnyangTianjin, a northern city about 400 km from Henan Province, has been linked to an epidemic.

The state network CCTV on Tuesday recorded 58 new cases in Anyang, although it is not clear how many of them are related to the Omigron variant. The total number of infections in the city has risen to 84 since Saturday.

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Anyang had already banned travel outside its borders, officials say, to “ensure the eruption does not spread to surrounding areas”.

In the first half of 2020, China, which had already largely controlled the virus that appeared in the center of the country in December 2019, is pursuing a zero Govt policy based on target closures, border controls and prolonged isolation.

Largest in the country since March 2020, and the emergence of the Omigron variant has put pressure on his strategy to explode in Xi’an. The city faces its third week of isolation to stave off an explosion that has accumulated about 2,000 cases.

Authorities are especially cautious as the Beijing Winter Olympics approach on February 4-20.

In the Henan region near Xian, at least three cities are facing an outbreak of the corona virus.

The provincial capital Zhengzhou closed schools and restaurants and the city of Yuzhou last week ordered its 1 million residents to stay home.

Elsewhere in the country, Tianjin, a port city about 150 km from Beijing, has banned its residents from leaving without permission and ordered the search of its 14 million residents.

Source: With information from AFP

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