June 8, 2023


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Odalis Santos, Athlete Knows Dead | Autopsy of influence | Death | Celebrities | nnda nnlt | FAME

Death , A 23-year-old girl, athlete and influencer and recognized for having a full life in front of her, provoked the anger of her friends and family and followers on social networks. On July 6, 2021, he went to a beauty clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he was treated for armpit sweating.

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Keep this fact Jalisco Attorney’s Office Investigations were carried out in this case to determine the cause of death of the young woman.

After the young woman died, the clinic became known Skin Peel Health, Where it was Odalis Santos He went into practice and encouraged his followers in this way. After the fact, the company issued a statement where it denied any liability, confirming that the athlete had failed to report taking certain substances such as glenbuterol in other steroids and anabolics.

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This – according to the clinic version – may have caused a reaction with the anesthetic. According to Skin Peel Wellness, the young woman died after using local anesthetics because she had an immediate respiratory arrest.

Similarly, the clinic defended that Odalis’ death was not due to negligence but to cause Santos He would have lied to the form that determines the way arrangements for aesthetic practice are made.

What is the version of the Jalisco Projector Office?

Hospital where the death occurred Young influence He said he was not responsible; However, from Jalisco Attorney’s Office It Guillermo Flores Dover, The Special Investigation Director of the Attorney’s Office, said the athlete was in the body Lidocaine Y bupivacaine, A local anesthetic that causes an adverse reaction in your body.

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Further, he stressed that the case is still being investigated to determine whether there is medical negligence.

What happened automatically?

An autopsy on a 23-year-old girl’s body revealed she had died of an anaphylactic reaction to a local anesthetic given to her, the Jalisco attorney’s office said.

On the other hand, when the attorney’s office and the Jalisco Health Risk Protection Commission wanted to inspect the clinic, no one responded to their call, so a search warrant was requested.

As part of the investigation, interviews are conducted with clinic staff and the physician who treated the young athlete and his personal trainer. It will try to determine why he died Odalis Santos If the clinic gave proper care, it had machines and qualified staff.

Cultural Physics and Influencer Odelis Who is Santos Mena?

23-year-old Odalis Santos Mena was promising for weightlifting. The young woman, from Adlin de Navarro in Jalisco, was studying the first semester of her undergraduate degree in nutrition at the University Center on the South Coast of the University of Guadalajara, a career derived from an interest in bodybuilding.

Young Odalis Santos competed in the Physical Structure competition and was crowned Miss Wellness Champion and Mr. Hercules 2019. She finished second in the Bikini Health Youth and 2020 bikini wellness novattas. In the emotional aspect

The young woman, in addition, was an influencer on social networks because she began to show off her fitness and physical progress. On his Instagram account, he has more than 144 thousand followers. Odalis was an entrepreneur because on social networks, in addition to providing physical exercise, he promoted clothing and sports, beauty and therapeutic products.

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