March 26, 2023

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NVIDIA PG137 (TITAN ADA) GPU with 48GB RAM spotted shipping

NVIDIA PG137 (TITAN ADA) GPU with 48GB RAM spotted shipping

Next-generation NVIDIA TITAN GPU with 48GB of memory

The shipping manifest for the TITAN architecture sample lists the partial memory specification.

NVIDIA is now shipping PG137 engineering boards to development centers around the world. One of the units appears to have been spotted by a company that monitors shipping data destined for India. The GPU maker shipped at least two test boards to their local development center.

The PG137 board design is known to VideoCardz readers as a potential TITAN RTX ADA board. It was first mentioned by Kopite7kimi Which revealed that this board supports up to 48 GB of memory. This exact information appears to be confirmed by the shipping manifest, which lists 48GB of GDDR6 memory for one of the units being transported.

NVIDIA PG137 SKU0/330 48GB, Source: Volza

Interestingly, it only mentions GDDR6, not GDDR6X. This may mean that TITAN does not use GDDR6X memory but uses a higher frequency GDDR6 type instead. Furthermore, at least two different SKUs are mentioned: SKU 0 and SKU 330, which may explain why some leakers tend to have slightly different information.

Just a few days ago, the image of TITAN RTX ADA GPU was leaked. The quad-slot GPU design may be the first NVIDIA graphics card to have a vertical PCB with stacked display connectors. The PCB itself will be parallel to the motherboard, so it’s a huge shift in how graphics cards will look in the future.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX ADA 4-slot cooler, Source: MegaSizeGPU

The only difference between the data and the image above is the product code change from EB2 to TS1. This most likely represents the engineering board and test sample. However, one thing is clear, the design is in an advanced stage of development, and it had the same color as the previous generation models of TITAN already.

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Rumored specifications of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series Titan RTX ADA RTX 4090 Ti RTX 4090 RTX 4080
building Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4)
GPU AD 102 – 450 AD 102 – 400 M 102 – 300 AD 103 – 300
Plate Number PG137-SKU0 PG139/136-SKU310 PG139/136-SKU330 PG139-SKU360
short message
CUDA cores
L2 cache
memory bus
memory speed
Power (TDP/MAX)
power connectors 2x 16-tooth 1x 16-tooth 1x 16-tooth 1x 16-tooth
Lunch date TBC TBC October 2022 November 2022

Source: Volza via wccftech