May 31, 2023

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Nurse cries out for impotence due to delta type aggression: “We encourage young people” (video) Corona virus | Covit-19 | USA | USA | The world

A hospital nurse in the United States cried over aggression due to impotence (); He noted that because cases are being filed youth; Who are infiltrating.

This is Felicia Croft, a nurse from Willis-Knighton, Louisiana, USA, who described the horrific condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a video she shared on Twitter.

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“I can say that today is one of the most emotional and strong days Since the onset of the disease ... I am infiltrating and losing my age and youth “, The woman points out when referring to fathers and mothers dying and leaving their children orphaned.

It should be noted that from Govt-19 the United States reaches more than 35 million infections and 614 thousand deaths. So far it has 50.29% In fully vaccinated populations.

The nurse, who has worked in the ICU for more than a year, says it’s hard to answer her daughter’s questions: “Mom, why didn’t you save them?”

“I can not explain the feeling of failure when you do everything, you give everything to a patient, it’s not enough. Except to know that they may have been vaccinated and made a difference,” he says.

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With this in mind, he urged people to get vaccinated. “We have become a very selfish generation. It’s not about you, it’s about those who are important to you and important to others,” he stressed.

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