March 22, 2023

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Nightmares haunt the new Doctor Strange in the Multiple Insanity trailer

Nightmares haunt the new Doctor Strange in the Multiple Insanity trailer

anyway Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessOldest trailer strongly implied that Stephen Strange’s variant would be the film’s biggest bad, and The presence of the Scarlet Witch in the story And the way that WandaVision It also ended up that Wanda Maximoff might have something to do with smashing the multiverse into a million pieces. While The multiverse of madness“The latest ad spot doesn’t clearly show how reality is regressing around the magical heroes of the land, as it might explain Why By confirming the return of two interesting characters.

Although Wanda and Strange haven’t spent the most onscreen time together until this point, the new trailer proves the pair have quite a bit in common. For example, they both have recurring (apparently) dreams of other universes only to wake up in the reality of their home, which sounds like nightmares. Unlike Strange’s night terrors that seem to all revolve around apocalyptic scenarios and his love for Kristen Palmer, Wanda’s dreams are haunted by visions She has twins, Billy and Tommywho still seem to exist in other dimensions. WandaVisionWanda’s finale made it clear that even though Wanda had to undo the magic that made her sons exist in that particular dimension, they were still somewhere in the multiverse and able to connect with her.

The MCU rules about whether people are supposed to manipulate other facts aren’t set. However, it makes sense that a sad witch trying to get her children back by stealing copies of them from other universes isn’t the best idea. And it goes against the natural order in a way that it might create Some important people are upset.

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Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It hits theaters May 6.