May 28, 2023

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New York | Daniel Gallias: The boy who jumped on the bed and played died and flew out the window USA | The world

Last Friday, October 8, in New York City, , Was shocked to learn the news that a 3 year old boy had fallen from the window of his apartment on the 4th floor and died.

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According to local officials, the crash happened within hours morning When he was at home with his aunt, he realized what had happened throughout the apartment looking for him and not finding him.

“She started searching all the rooms and everything, I don’t know, it wasn’t there at the time, and when she went downstairs she saw the baby lying on the floor.“The minor grandmother, Mrs. Maria, referred to the city news as‘ NY1 to.

According to the police report, little Daniel Gallias, Fell down some stairs leading to the basement, and according to local media, Auntie was near him Panic attack When the officers arrived.

Minor was replaced With life To a health center, but unfortunately could not save his life.

Apparently, the incident could have happened because of the window It has no bars And it was covered by some Cardboard boxes. The victim’s family says the owner of the place should further inspect the homes.

As I said at the beginning, I ask that the owner of the building be more vigilant about inspections of apartment buildings for the salvation of children.”, Maria mentioned in the same news broadcast.

In addition, relatives said The little boy is an autistic child and he is going to celebrate his 4th birthday last Monday.

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Other residents in the neighborhood are happy to remember the dead child and regret what happened. Some neighbors also tried Help To Daniel what happened.

Univision interviewed a New York neighbor who commented: He tried to breathe more. He breathes when we call, and it looks like he caught his last flight when we went inside.


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