June 26, 2022


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New Unity Income for 2022: Check with ID card that you are the beneficiary of the increase | When do they charge the bi-monthly fee for the month of June | வீட்டுவசதி | Answers

, Is one of the few subsidies supported by a large portion of the population in Colombia, with the sole purpose of helping them cope with the economic crisis unleashed by the corona virus epidemic. Announcement for the new amount of the Solidarity Bond by the President . See here if you are one of the beneficiaries who will receive cash assistance through your ID.

The It was originally designed to last three months. Thanks to the Social Investment Act approved by Congress, and approved by President Evan Ducal, The plan can be implemented until 2022. The Social Investment Act increases the coverage of the program, which starts in March and April 2022 and goes from 3 million to 4 million 85 thousand beneficiary families.

From Social prosperity In the new tariff cycle, the 20 thousand Colombian pesos increase, Beneficiaries can collect 400 thousand pesos on this dateAmount charged bi-monthly from May 2022.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of a two-month payment of Solidarity income?

“To be part of the Solidarity Income Plan, no intermediaries or records are required, the whole process is carried out by upgrading the Sisbén IV survey”, Social Prosperity explained.

If you want to know if you are part of this benefit or if you would like to know the fees you have collected, you can inquire through the web portal . Social prosperity Counseling is encouraged because there are many families who do not receive the grant, so the resources are still available to them.

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When to Pay the Next Solidarity Income

According to the official website Social prosperityBeneficiaries of bi-monthly payments or the third payment draft will start on May 19, 2022. The deposit will be made throughout June and then extended till December this year.

The investment was 1.5 trillion pesos, in line with the fees of this cycle and accumulated this year. Director of Social Prosperity (e) Pierre Garcia Jackiere said: “Since March, we have been expanding our coverage to reach 4 million vulnerable families. This is part of the commitment of this government led by President Evan Duke..

How Solidarity Income Will Be Charged In Colombia

From July, the size of the transaction will vary: it depends on the number of family members and the Sisbén IV classification group. At a recent meeting of the Equity Table, those in charge adjusted that value as follows:

  • Number of people in a household (One) | $ 420,000 (Group A), $ 410,000 (Group B)
  • Number of people in a household (2 or more) | $ 435,000 (Group A), $ 420,000 (Group B)