February 4, 2023


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Nepal | Yeti Airlines: Shocking video from inside the plane shows how the crash that killed 68 people | Sonu Jaiswal | Pokhara | Viral Video | the world

Following the tragic plane crash of an Eti Airlines flight near Pokhara , and 68 people died, different videos went viral on social networks with shocking images of the accident and the work of rescuers at the scene. A Facebook live stream details what the last seconds of the ATR 72 flight looked like.

As reported by local media The video was shared on Facebook by one of the 5 passengers India Those on board. About Sonu Jaiswal 35 years old. The man took out his cell phone and decided to start a video for his followers on the social network.

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In the pictures, the crew is seen to be calm and everyone is in their seats. too Jaiswal He calmed down and looked out the window. But after a few seconds A scream is heard and the video footage is lost. Immediately, you can see the fire burning the plane.

The tragic accident left the balance of 68 out of 72 passengers on board. Among them were . Apart from four Indian nationals, four are Russians, two are Koreans, one is Australian, one is Irish and one is French. Members of crew They were Four. So far, international agencies have reported at least 68 people died.

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The five Indians have been identified as Abhishek Kushwaha, 25, Bishal Sharma, 22, Anil Kumar Rajbar, 27, Sonu Jaiswal, 35 and Sanjaya Jaiswal, the same outlet said.

Through user-captured images Facebook An account dedicated to air traffic that died in the crash tracked the places where the plane passed in the city of Pokhara and determined the flight path.

In this sense, he pointed out that the clip captured from inside shows the plane flying over the Bhadrakali temple surrounded by lush groves. Immediately, you can see the Pokhara football stadium. Additionally, in one scene, the name of the aircraft is displayed on the seat.

The flight was about to land at the city’s international airport. It crashed a few kilometers into the old airfield.

What happened to the plane?

The plane crashed shortly before eleven in the morning (local time). Near Pokhara, where it should land, but the reasons are still unclear. The city is an important crossing point Devotees and mountaineers Other races.

while, There were no casualties or injuries among residents of the town. This was confirmed by Mayor Dhanaraj Acharya.

The plane’s burnt fuselage was found in a deep gorge between the old Pokhara airport, built in 1958, and the city’s new international terminal, which opened on January 1. After the accident, the rescuers tried Extinguish the fire Among the aircraft remains, the ATR 72 is powered by two turboprop engines.

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Airplane I am 15 years old And was “An old transponder fitted with unreliable data”, According to data from the Air Traffic Control Service . It was managed by India’s Kingfisher Airlines and Thailand’s Nok Air before it went to the Eti Airways Group in 2019. . Airlines around the world use this model for short-haul flights. Introduced in the late 1980s by a French and Italian venture, it has been involved in several fatal accidents over the years.