August 15, 2022

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NASA has released a map of how heat waves hitting the planet look like Spain | United Kingdom | France | Italy | Portuguese | Climate | Climate Change | the world

Many these days Sweeping the globe, breaking temperature records and fueling wildfires across Europe, Africa and Asia, On July 13 it released a map showing surface air temperatures across most of the Eastern Hemisphere, with some areas surpassing 40C.

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Extreme conditions, according to space agency experts A model of the effects of greenhouse gases and human activity Climate the world

“Although there are clear patterns of ‘atmospheric wave’ with warmer (red) and cooler (blue) values ​​at different locations, this large area is of extreme (and unprecedented) warmth. Another clear indicator is that greenhouse gases from human activities are causing climate extremes that affect our living conditions”, said Steven Pawson, chief of the Office of Global Modeling and Assimilation at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Pot.

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For example in Western EuropeThere is already a severe drought. The heat wave fueled fires that ravaged parts of Portugal, Spain and France. In PortugalTemperatures reached 45ºC in the city of Leiria on July 13, where more than 3,000 hectares have burned and more than half of the country was on red alert as firefighters battled 14 active fires.

In ItalyRecord heat contributed to the decline in part Marmolada Glacier in the Dolomites on July 3. An avalanche of snow, ice and rock killed 11 climbers. In the UK, the Met Office has issued extreme heat warnings as temperatures are expected to continue to rise, potentially exceeding record highs.

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Video footage shows a frozen serac on the Marmolada mountain near Punta Rocca in Trento, Italy on July 3, 2022. (EFE).

In North of Africacapital on July 13 TunisiaTemperatures hit 48 degrees Celsius, breaking a 40-year record and in Iran, July’s highest after reaching 52 degrees Celsius in late June.

In China, the summer has brought three heat waves that have twisted roads, melted asphalt and stripped tiles from roofs. The Shanghai Sujiahui Observatory, where records have been kept since 1873, recorded its highest temperature of 40.9 degrees Celsius on July 13, 2022.

“Such extreme heat has direct impacts on human health, as well as other consequences, including these fires now raging in Europe and Africa, and raging in North America in recent years,” Pawson said.

The map was produced by combining the observations with a version of the Global Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) model, which uses mathematical equations to represent physical processes in the atmosphere.