May 19, 2022

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Mysterious baby shark birth in a tank where only women live | Viral Video | Kala Conon | Sardinia | Parthenogenesis | Trends | Social Networks | Italy | nnda nnrt | Viral

An extraordinary event at the Gala Conon Fisheries in Sardinia , Has confused the scientific community. A baby shark, baptized as Ispera, was born in a female-only tank. An unusual phenomenon, but something possible in some organisms.

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Those responsible for fisheries, if the DNA of the offspring is confirmed, we will face a case Reproduction by parthenogenesis The first case of this type has been documented in sharks. This type of homosexual reproduction is based on the development of infertile female sex cells. Therefore, the egg becomes an embryo without the need to conceive.

For a decade, the mother of the calf has been living in this fishpond with another fish specimen, so she has not been able to interact with any male specimen. If confirmed, local media reports that the calf will be the mother’s clone .

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“Parthenogenesis may be preferred in sexually reproducing organisms in general, as is the case in some reptiles, fish, and birds, and this may be to the advantage of a very low-density population, in which females are less likely to know their mate.”Refer to Fisheries Specialists.

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It is a preferred process in some species of insects, reptiles, birds, fish and plants, but now the possibility of sharks activating it has also been explored. The results of the DNA samples will determine whether the birth was given by this method.

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