May 28, 2023

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My daughter, last episode: When will Kissim end on Antenna 3 in Spain | Final | Fame of Turkish soap operas

The Turkish soap opera starring Peran Cocciildis and Pukra Golsai is one of the most tense and dramatic in its history. And Demir sacrificed his life for his daughter and his loved ones, who were destroyed by Psyche’s father. The final extension is marked on the antenna 3, when will the result be broadcast in Spain?

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If you do not know the story, Psyche tells the life of an eight-year-old girl (in its original language) who suffers from a strange disease and is in the care of her aunt. The woman, after learning of her illness, abandoned her and left a letter with her father’s address, never to meet her again.

The father of the little protagonist is about to go to jail for a scam. The one who will finally save him will be his daughter. From that moment on they had to live together, even though they had never seen each other, which created a bond of love between them. During this new phase of father and daughter they meet Canton, who becomes Demir’s romantic interest and the girl’s mother figure.

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If you do not know the story, “Kisim” tells the life of an eight-year-old girl suffering from a strange disease (Photo: Med Yapam)

When will “Kissim” end on Antenna 3?

Antenna 3, which includes the first season of “My Daughter”, aired on Episode 31 of 34 last Sunday. This has led to hopes that the Turkish soap opera will end in three weeks. Worse, right? There is no official statement from the chain as to when is the exact date when the final episode will air, but many possibilities are being handled.

  • If Antenna 3 decides to broadcast the remaining episodes of Jerk as it did at the beginning, the final episode will be aired Sunday, September 12.
  • Another option is to consider the success of the audience, and the chain decides to split the remaining episodes. If so, the results eSunday, October 3rd.

“My daughter” It is known to attract the attention of the audience. In fact, the broadcast of the last episode brought in nearly 2 million viewers, which represents 16.6% of the audience; The most watched Turkish soap opera on TV today. So, no wonder the antenna is 3 Try to stretch the remaining chapters as much as possible.

How to see “My Doctor” in Spain?

Turkish Soap Opera “My daughter” It airs every Sunday on the Antenna 3 TV channel in Spain at 22:00 (local time).

Followers of “Kisim” can watch it online and watch it live through the streaming platform AddressPlayer Premium; In addition, you can find the remaining fiction episodes.

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Semal and Ukur approach the morgue to face the most tragic moment of their lives, is this Demir's corpse?  (Photo: Med Yapam)
Semal and Ukur approach the morgue to face the most tragic moment of their lives, is this Demir’s corpse? (Photo: Med Yapam)
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