November 28, 2022

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Musk says he has more jobs amid reports of further job cuts on Twitter | Twitter

Elon Musk said he has “a lot of work on my board” as Twitter has reportedly laid off more than 4,000 contractors working in areas including content stewardship and engineering.

Tesla CEO and The new owner of the social media platform He told the B20 Business Leaders Conference in Bali that “recently my workload has increased a lot”, in an apparent reference to his $44bn (£37bn) acquisition of the social media platform on October 27.

“I mean, man. I have a lot of work on my tablet, that’s for sure,” he added, speaking via the video link.

Asked how it feels to be a “media mogul” after purchasing Twitter He said, “It is a medium unlike the media. But there is no way to make everyone happy, that is for sure.”

Musk’s comments on Monday followed a report over the weekend that the new Twitter job cuts affected 4,400 of the company’s 5,500 employees, according to Casey Newton, author of the tech industry newsletter.

The affected jobs included overseeing content, marketing, and “the essential infrastructure services that keep the site running”.

This move comes after shooting more than 3,700 full-time Twitter employees at the start of the month, Days after Musk purchased the social media platform.

Data scientist Melissa Engel, one of the promoters affected by the cuts, said she learned of her fate Saturday evening when her access to Twitter’s systems was suddenly cut off.

“I got off Twitter on Saturday evening. No explanation, just all access removed. Happy holidays to all! ” she chirp.

Sarah Roberts, an associate professor at the University of California and a content moderation expert who served as a staff researcher at Twitter earlier this year, told the Associated Press that excluding contracted brokers would have a “measurable impact on the platform’s experience.”

Technology news site The Verge reported Friday that Omnicom, one of the world’s largest advertising companies, has recommended customers “pause activity on Twitter for the short term” due to issues such as layoffs on Twitter’s trust and safety teams and an increase in “verified fake accounts that I took advantage of Musk’s blue tick offer – account validation as trustworthy – for $8 per month.

Subscription service hung on friday After a series of controversial tweets by blue retail accounts including impersonating some notable brands. Musk told Twitter employees that the company, which relies on advertising for 90% of its revenue, Suffered a “massive drop in revenue” Because companies stop spending temporarily.

Twitter has been contacted for comment.

Musk also confirmed on Twitter that his satellite internet company Starlink had purchased ads on the platform to verify their effectiveness. “SpaceX Starlink purchased a small – not a large – ad package to test the effectiveness of Twitter ads in Australia and Spain,” he tweeted, adding that Starlink has done the same with Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Earlier in his B20 appearance, the world’s richest man said he had been dealing with the challenges facing Tesla “with great difficulty”. Musk is also expected to testify this week in a case brought by a Tesla shareholder against a $52 billion compensation package he received in 2018.

“I really work as hard as I can from morning till night, seven days a week. So, that’s not something I’d recommend, frankly.

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