January 27, 2023


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‘Mummy, Your Majesty’: Prince Andrew pays tribute to the Queen | Prince Andrew

The Duke of York paid tribute to the Queen in an emotional statement on the eve of her funeral that began: “Dear Mummy, my mother, Your Majesty, three in one.”

Prince Andrew, the Queen’s eldest son, who was stripped of royal duties because of him Relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey EpsteinHe said: Your Majesty, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.

“Mother of the Fatherland, your devotion and personal service to our nation is unique and unique. Your people show their love and respect in many different ways and I know you look up to them and honor their respect.

“Mummy, your love for a son, your sympathy, your care, your trust I will cherish forever. I have found your knowledge and wisdom without limits, without limits or containment. I will miss your insight, advice and sense of humor.”

The statement was distributed by a PR consultant who was assisting the Duke during the Epstein scandal and Virginia Jeffrey’s sexual assault case against Andrew in the United States, which he paid out of court for an undisclosed sum. Besides, there was a picture of the Queen holding baby Andrew shortly after he was born in 1960, her cheek resting on top of his head.

The Duke was not allowed to wear a military uniform during festivities in the wake of the Queen’s death on September 8, as he was no longer a member of the royal family, as a result of the Epstein scandal.

The February out-of-court settlement did not include any admission of guilt over Giuffre’s allegations that he sexually assaulted her on three occasions when she was 17, allegations he has repeatedly denied.

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The Duke of York will be walking alongside his older sister, Princess Royal Anne. His younger brother, the Duke of Wessex, and King Charles III left the Queen’s coffin on Monday when it was moved from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.

He will take the same post back from the Abbey to Wellington Arch before being driven to St George’s Chapel in Windsor for a commissioning service and then a private burial for the Queen alongside Prince Philip on Sunday at 7.30pm.

He concluded his statement, “As the book of our experiences concludes, another book opens, and I will forever keep you close to my heart with my deepest love and gratitude, and I will gladly step into the next with you as my guide. May the Lord protect the King.”

It follows a personal statement Saturday from his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, to “Dear Granny,” who described her as “our mothers, our guide, our loving hand on our backs guiding us through this world.”

They said, “We’re so glad you’re back with my grandfather.” “Farewell, dear Grannie, it has been the honor of our lives to be your granddaughter and we are very proud of you. We know that Uncle Charles, the King, will continue to lead in your example as he has also devoted his life to service.”

On Friday, the Earl of Wessex, the Queen’s youngest son, used his statement to describe the “unimaginable void in all of our lives” left by the Queen’s death.

“Sufi [Countess of Wessex] I was so happy to see James and Louise [their children] They enjoy places and activities that their grandparents loved so much. Given that my mother allowed us to spend a lot of time with her, I think she also enjoyed watching those feelings blossom.”