May 28, 2023

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Morocco LIVE Rayan: Rescuers near a 5-year-old boy who fell into a 32-meter well | Live | The world

Vertical excavation to reach the same depth as the bottom of the well discovered by boy Ryan, in one area Which is in its “final stage”, local officials informed Efe, after which the land will be protected and excavation of a horizontal tunnel will begin until it is small.

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The rescue operation for a 5-year-old boy who was under a well for 72 hours in the northern Moroccan city of Igran continues unabated, led by civil defense personnel, civil engineers and surveyors. They have now reached a depth of 32 meters by vertical excavation parallel to the hole.

According to the same sources, once this level is reached, the land will be protected and then digging a horizontal tunnel for a few meters will begin to reach the miner.

Although the physical condition of the child who is being monitored is not known, Moroccan rescue services They work in the “hope to get Ryan out alive”.Confirm the same sources.

Abdelhati Tamrani, a member of the Rescue Monitoring and Monitoring Committee, explained at the scene that the operation was very difficult and “there is always a risk of falling”, not only for the child, but also for the rescue members.

Each excavation meter, the expert described, has a special uniqueness due to the extreme weakness of the soil, mainly made of clay soil.

Moroccan authorities and firefighters have been working to pull five-year-old boy Ryan out of a fallen well for more than 36 hours.  (STR / AFP).
Moroccan authorities and firefighters have been working to pull five-year-old boy Ryan out of a fallen well for more than 36 hours. (STR / AFP).

Ryan fell into a well next to a family home in the village of Igran on Tuesday.About 70 km from the northern city But rescue work began yesterday, with officials responding to a call from the parents, who searched for the child and found him in the pit.

The father explained to several local media outlets. They suspected their son was in the well, and then they introduced a mobile with a camera suspended by a rope, through which he checked to see if he was down.

The father pointed out that the well was covered with a barrel, but the boy must have moved it before falling into it.

Upon seeing the baby inside, authorities were alerted and they began rescue operations yesterday. Many volunteers grabbed a rope below and tried to approach, but The well was so narrow (30 to 50 centimeters) that they got stuck in the road.

The sources stressed the complexity of the rescue operation, which continues with caution due to the “high risk of landslides” in the area.

The machines dug parallel to the hole where the boy fell were able to drill more than 28 meters vertically.l, explained the same sources.

They added that arrangements were currently being made to drill a horizontal tunnel to reach the smaller tunnel.

Moroccan authorities have mobilized a medical helicopter in the area, while a doctor and anesthesiologist are ready to intervene.

There is currently no definite information about his health RyanThough Several local media outlets at the scene pointed out last night that the baby was still aliveAnd the images were broadcast live Moroccan troops supply Ryan with oxygen and sugar water.

Local media broadcast live broadcasts throughout the night, which were re-broadcast by the Arab channel Al Jazeera Mubashir.

They showed the surveyors and experts on site how to make progress on work that is sometimes hampered by landslides or to carry out necessary inspections before resuming work.

The pictures show the massive presence of citizens throughout the night in that place while occasionally praying for the baby.

The incident has caused a great stir Excitement in Morocco, Filled with photos and solidarity messages for the child’s parents on social networks. Many Netizens have turned their profile pictures into Ryan’s photo.

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