June 8, 2023


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Mont Blanc: French climber receives half of the treasure he discovered (and handed over to authorities) in 2013 | EC stories | The world

A climber walks in a box of emeralds, gems and sapphires buried for decades in Mont Blanc. , Rewarded with half the treasure.

An unnamed climber discovered the gems in 2013.

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The box is believed to have belonged to someone on an Air India flight that crashed into a bush 50 years ago.

The climber applauded after handing the box to the police. The law should be made in France.

But now he has been rewarded with half the treasure of hundreds of precious stones, while a local officer in the Chamonix in the French Alps took the other half because he could not find the family in India. Their owner.

The gemstone, valued at $ 170,000, is divided into two equal parts, Somonix Mayor Eric Bornier told AFP.

Mayor Praised the “integrity” of the mountaineer By handing over your discovery to the police.

At least 48 people were killed when two Air India planes collided with Mont Blanc in 1950. In 1966, the second plane of the Indian National Aircraft crashed into a mountain with 117 people on board.

Authorities believe the gems may have come from the 1966 plane crash from Bombay to New York.

No human remains have yet been found on the mountain, No luggage of those on board.

In 2012, it was discovered that a consular bag from India contained newspapers, agendas and a personal letter dated 1966.

A physicist known as Homi J Baba, the “father” of India’s nuclear program, One of the victims of the 1966 crash.

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