November 28, 2022

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Pedestrians walk past automobiles

Monitor Putin’s biggest propaganda while fleeing from Russia to Georgia

Mikhail Lazutin, chief publicist of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putinon Thursday near the Russian border with Georgia, as men continue to flee a partial mobilization ordered.

Footage showing the pro-Kremlin blogger standing in line in a traffic jam at the border checkpoint in Verkny Lars on the Russia-Georgia border, was published on several Telegram channels.

Lazutin founded the “Lev Against” movement in 2014. The group, which urges citizens not to drink alcohol, smoke or use foul language in public, has received presidential grants worth 12.2 million rubles ($213,566), according to Russian media.

NEWSWEEK He was unable to independently verify when and where the footage was filmed and contacted the Russian and Georgian foreign ministries for comment.

Pedestrians walk past cars with Russian license plates parked on the Georgian side of the Verkhny Lars customs checkpoint between Georgia and Russia about 200 kilometers outside Tbilisi, on September 25, 2022. Russian authorities have acknowledged a “significant” influx of cars trying to cross from Russia in Georgia in September 25, 2022, days after Moscow announced partial mobilization.
Vano Shalamov/AFP/Getty Images

Traffic built up at the Russia-Georgia border in the morning after Putin announced partial mobilization on September 21.

It comes amid a mass exodus of Russians from the country, after defense officials said up to 300,000 reservists would be called up to fight in Ukraine.

analysis by Bloomberg He notes that since Putin’s announcement, at least 200,000 people have already left Russia for neighboring countries.

Georgia Vehicle accumulation saw nearly 10 miles On Tuesday, according to the US company Maxar Technologies, which created satellite images of the traffic line.

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a NEWSWEEK Search Yandex maps on September 22 showed a crowd of vehicles near the southern border of Russia, indicating that people fled in response to the decree to call up reservists to fight in Ukraine.

The Verkhnii Lars group on Telegram, created for travelers who want to cross the border at the checkpoint between Russia and Georgia, has also grown by about 100,000 members in about a week.

Multiple accounts on Telegram have also reported that prominent Russian bloggers have left the country, including Gusein Gasanov, a Russian blogger of Azerbaijani origin, Hussein Hasanov, and video blogger Nikolai Sobolev.

Jasanov reportedly told his followers on Wednesday that he was going “for a few days to his father, and he’s going home.”

Earlier, Russian blogger Yuri Khovansky said that he left for Serbia.

British Ministry of Defense He said On Thursday, there was a massive exodus of Russians seeking to evade the recall, and they assessed that the number of people who had already fled the mobilization in Russia likely exceeded the total number of those used in the war against Ukraine when it began in February.

Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Volodin, Speaker of the Russian House of Representatives, said, He said on Thursday Russians registered in the military registry are not allowed to leave the place where they live or travel abroad without permission from a military commissariat, according to