December 9, 2022

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Missing woman who came with boyfriend from London to see Machu Picchu | Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoi | Video | Cuzco | Complaint | NMR | Peru

Honduran-Spanish national Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy has been missing since late September. She traveled from London to Peru with her boyfriend, Jorge Alfredo Minaya Carey (Peruvian-Spanish), to visit the Inca Citadel. However, her brother Eric Zelaya has denounced her as having lost all contact with her.

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According to Carla’s brother, He was due to return to London on September 23 lastHowever, the traveler was her boyfriend, who was in charge of removing all her clothes from the apartment they rented together when he arrived in the country.

“The last we knew she was taking a taxi to her boyfriend’s mother’s house. We don’t know anything more than that.”Eric Zelaya told America News that he lives in Ohio, USA. When asked if Jorge had contacted Alfredo to relay information regarding his sister’s whereabouts, he indicated that he had not.

Truth is not trying to communicate with us, He left Peru, he came to London, he took all the clothes from the apartment where my sister lived, none of her things. I feel sad about this because the police are not doing anything and the authorities don’t know what is going on. I don’t know how that works.” revealed.

He explained that due to the lack of information about his sister, the young woman had filed police reports in Peru and Spain, respectively, as the young woman lived there with her mother. However, when they met Jorge Alfredo, they both decided to go to England (London) for work.

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“They both lived in England, they were both Spanish citizens and they went to work there. They went to Peru on holiday. My sister was returning on the 23rd (September), she came through Spain and then returned to London. But he stayed, she who stayed, she never left, she must have gone before Jorge Alfredo. We have no contact with any of his family there. The truth is, I have no information about his relatives in Peru.”, he commented.

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Another time, Eric Zelaya, on October 1, Jorge Alfredo went to Chile, where he bought a ticket to London. He stayed in Brazil during the trip and arrived in Europe on October 4.

It’s as if the Spanish Embassy knows all this and doesn’t care about anything. My sister is Spanish. This guy uses a Spanish passport and they do nothing to stop him, ask him questions about where she is and where she stayed.He pointed out.

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Fearing for her sister’s safety, she is asking Peruvian authorities to investigate. “My sister missed a lot of time.