November 28, 2022

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Miss Bolivia calls her teammates “Donas” and says Alessia Rovegno looks “transgender” | Celebrities | Programs | Show Business | Miss Universe | programs

Beauty is not everything. The current Miss Bolivia, Maria Fernanda Pavicic, has received waves of criticism after she shared a video mocking other Miss contestants.. One of his wild ideas led him , representative of Peru. What did he say?

In the clips he shared on his Instagram stories, Pavicic list “Women’s Section” and “‘Thank You for Participating’ Section” For delegates Paraguayan, Brazil and El Salvador. But his banter didn’t stop there. Well, Miss Peru said “Transgender”.

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He invited one of his next contestants in the tournament to continue humiliating him ‘Miss Potosi’ To Barbara Cabrera representing Argentina. This is a clear reference to one of the cities of Bolivia.

“Social Experiment”

After severe criticism, he received on his social networks. The model released a new video in which she promises it’s all about a “social experiment.”

“Shared video is programmed; However, this does not reflect my thinking or my feelings towards my other colleagues” (…) “This is a clear sign that we live in a society that places importance on things that contribute nothing to our world. , they destroy it. He invited you to be aware of the content you consume and give importance to things that can change the world in a positive way”, assured the Bolivian.

Complaint for discrimination and racism

After the controversial 32-second video of the Miss Universe candidate, the Mayor’s Office of Potosí (Bolivia) filed a criminal complaint with the Public Ministry. Now he must face trial Discrimination and racism.

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“We as Potocinos believe that every citizen who is discriminated against should be given the support they deserve, as the famous Miss Bolivia did.” The mayor saidJohnny Lally.

Who is Fernanda Pavicic?

Miss Bolivia is a model and beauty queen born in the province Cochabamba, Bolivia. He is of Bolivian descent on his mother’s side and Croatian on his father’s side. San Pablo studied psychology at the Bolivian Catholic University. The model has always shared messages about the importance of mental health.

So far, she has held the titles of Carnival Queen, Miss Figopol and Miss Cochabamba.

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