May 28, 2023

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Miriam Rodriguez | Mexico mother hunts down her daughter’s killers in disguise | EC stories | The world

In the north The name of Miriam Rodriguez in the fight against crime is a legend.

In early 2014, the woman, who was in her 50s at the time, received an anonymous call from a man demanding a large sum of money. To rescue his daughter, Karen Salinas, 20 years old.

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According to a voice from the other end of the phone, the young woman was abducted by a criminal gang based in San Fernando. தமுலிபாஸ்.

She did everything she could to raise funds to ‘free’ her daughter Never saw her again.

Over time, it became known Karen Salinas She was killed after being abducted on a local highway.

Since then, Miriam Rodriguez He decided to go on an iron trial that lasted more than three years to find those responsible for his daughter’s death.

The relentless search that led Until the last effects.

A true ‘chameleon’ researcher

According to Assam Ahmed, a journalist with the New York Times American newspaper, Rodriguez Began to inquire about information about All possible ways About the culprits Karen.

He is said to have changed his appearance dozens of times: he cut and dyed his hair, wore various glasses, wore baseball caps, wrapped scarves, received uniforms from different professions, and created dozens of profiles on social networks. Played in his voice.

In that way, apart from the official authorities, he was able to find the identity Key men involved In the disgusting crime of his daughter.

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As you read about Ahmed’s work, he established a direct relationship with the relatives, cousins ​​and friends of those named.

Very daring.

Awesome results

Thus, despite all sorts of dangers, he came to the climax, and now with a small hand from the authorities, the capture Ten lessons Those involved in the death Karen Salinas.

Throughout the process, for obvious reasons, he tried to maintain his price at all costs.

But as he went head-to-head against the crime he got an uncontrollable expression.

It was her husband who found the lifeless body of Miriam Rodriguez lying on the floor at the entrance of their house. (Photo: EFE).

According to various local press reports, with the success of his investigation, Miriam Rodriguez He asked the Mexican government at the time for a security plan.

However, in defiance of his warning messages, the woman was killed by an armed group on May 10, 2017 Mother’s Day, In front of his house.

Since then, his story has been the best portrait of the relentless struggle of victims of violence Mexico They act against criminality and punishment.

His amazing achievement came to the big screen this year with the creation of the Belgian production company MenuVetto Film, La Civil, which was released last year. Cannes Film Festival.


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