January 18, 2022


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Milagros Leva does not seem to be live and releases the largest soft Willows, United States, video

Journalist Milacros leva Politicians Hernando ‘Nano’ is in Washington, DC to cover the arrival of Guerrero Garcia and Jorge Montoya. Who went to the OAS to seek audit in the elections. However, he had a tough time as he released a flat character during his show.

Due to the distance, coordination with the product of the project will take place by call Willows journalist He did not realize that it was live, that there was no television nearby, and that a bad word escaped him.

How much is left? How hot … sex ..“What do I tell them?” The journalist said, noticing that it was already in the air, a huge Explosive Live and released live to all its viewers.

ONPE rejects Milacros Leva and asks her not to spread false news

The Journalist Milacros Leva The National Electoral Processes Office (ONPE) has denounced the use of fraudulent means in the second round of elections through its official Twitter account. Point Pedro Castillo Y Keiko Fujimori.

“My dear mother-in-law Farid Garib died on November 14, 2020. Curiously, he could vote, but when I checked to see if he could be vaccinated, he apparently did not appear on the roll. Mothers of ONPE, are you trying to cheat in the second round with the dead? What is the explanation?He asked, tagging the company on Twitter.

“Ila Milacros Levaji, as you can see, the registration was closed in 2020. By law, it cannot be changed. Please do not spread #FALSENEWS. Please check before sharing. #LosMuertosNoVotan”, the Election Commission announced.

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They criticize Milagros Leva and Betto Artis for asking JNE not to deny false news

During the performances of Milacros Leva and Peto Artis on the Villax TV channel, They demanded that JNE’s ‘truth verification’ system be disabled It is an organization that denies false news or information about the electoral process.

Milagros Leva defends herself by claiming that the greatest tenderness is LIVE

Milacros leva Now the heat felt in the United States could not and released the greatest softness, which went live in front of the cameras of the Villax TV, but He used his social networks to defend himself. “It was 35 degrees and the wind didn’t even tell them it was cold,” he said.

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Milacros Leva’s sister has passed away and the driver is receiving condolences on social networks

A few months ago, Milacros leva He faced one of the most difficult moments of his life after getting to know himself Social media What His sister Mariana Passed away.

The news was shared by different characters in the media such as spokespersons and politicians They used their Twitter account to send their condolencesAs presenter of Villax TV.

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