January 26, 2022


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Miami Landslide: Florida completes search for survivors of Champlain Towers South building on US Surface | The world

Rescue workers have recovered eight more bodies from the rubble of a building on the site (Florida, USA), officials announced Wednesday that they have made a “tough decision” to move from the search and rescue phase to the “physical recovery” phase.

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The temporary death toll has risen to 54 as 8 bodies were found lifeless, with the partial collapse of the southern building of the Sampline Towers on June 24.

At a news conference, Miami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa also pointed out that the number of missing is now 86 and the number of those with new reports is 200.

Similarly, 33 of the 54 bodies recovered have been identified, the councilor said at an evening press conference, announcing that “a tragic decision has been made to transfer (bodies) from search and rescue to rescue.”

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“We are tired and we are exhausted now. We can not do much to bring in the evacuees, but we can identify the victims and provide cover for the families,” he said. Levine Kawa said she was saddened.

The most recent victims identified were Gracela Katarosi, 86, Gino Katarosi, 89, and Simon Sekel, 80. The bodies of the three were recovered Tuesday, Miami-Tate police said.

Search and rescue teams continue to work on the wreckage of the collapsed Sampline Towers South Condo on Florida’s Surface. (Photo by Eva Marie UZCATEGUI / AFP).

Sampling Towers South has had 200 rescue troops since 1981, when it was completely demolished last Sunday due to the instability of the area where it stood after the collapse.

The wreckage has given a new rhythm to the search operation as the rescuers now have access to the entire site where the 12-storey, 40-year-old building was located.

The mayor said of those rescued that “there can be no more pride in this group of men and women who have left their homes to carry out this mission.”

“The possibility of finding people alive under the rubble is already impossible”, Miami-Tate County Firefighters spokeswoman Erica Benedetz told a news conference that after 14 days of searching and rescue, they had reached a point where they could “make a tough decision to move forward. Bodies.

After the press conference, officials said a “moment of silence” had been arranged with religious leaders and rescuers in front of the rubble.

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