November 28, 2022

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Mexico | San Miguel Totolapan | Conrado Mendoza Almeida | The municipal president and 20 others were assassinated, Guerrero’s lawyer | the world

Attorney General of the State of Guerrero, In , the violent incidents recorded this Wednesday afternoon in the municipality of San Miguel Totolaban killed 20 people, of which 10 were identified and three were injured, according to a preliminary report. Mayor Conrado Mendoza Almeida is among the victims.

In a news release, a 911 call reported shots fired at City Hall facilities. San Miguel Todolaban Performed by armed civilians.

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It was confirmed on arrival at the scene A cannonball hit the facade of the town hall.

This is how the facade of the municipality of San Miguel Totolaban ended up.

They then went to an address in Emiliano Zapata Street, Barrio de San Pablo, where sightings were also reported. “18 dead bodies were found by gun launcher; 10 of them have been identified by their relatives.

Circulate list of identified dead

Identified dead: Conrado Mendoza Almeida, Municipal President of San Miguel Todolaban; Juan Mendoza Acosta, former municipal president San Miguel Todolaban and father Conrado Mendoza; Gustavo Salazar, an American citizen and brother-in-law of the mayor.

Mayor of San Miguel Totolaban Conrado Mendoza Almeida.  (Photo: Twitter/@xevtfm).
Mayor of San Miguel Totolaban Conrado Mendoza Almeida. (Photo: Twitter/@xevtfm).

Also on the list are Freddy Martinez Suazo, director of public safety for San Miguel Totolaban; Roberto Mata Marcial, Advisor to the Municipal President; Genesis Araujo Marcos, Administrator of Health Jurisdiction 01 of Tulabehuala; Samuel Garcia, personal security element of the municipal president; José Antolin Calvo Caballero, personal security detail of the municipal president, Javier Domínguez, owner of the site where the bodies were found, and Javier Domínguez Jr.

The document does not mention the dead members of the municipal police or whether there were any victims of the attack on the mayor.

According to the prosecutor, at 4:35 p.m. a helicopter of the Ministry of Public Security arrived at the municipality, which left 25 minutes later to pick up a man identified as Romulo Robles Bernabe (33), and two other unidentified men who were wounded. Gun Missile, to seek medical attention at Silpanzingo.

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