August 17, 2022

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Mexico gives Tesla a dedicated lane at the border to speed up transit to the US | Tesla

Tesla is said to have gained an exclusive remote control lane The border between the United States and Mexico After Elon Musk recently struck a deal with the “pro-business” state of Nuevo Leon.

Electric vehicle company suppliers traveling from Mexico to Texas can use a dedicated lane to speed up their transit at the Columbia Solidarity site, Bloomberg mentioned, a less popular checkpoint north of Laredo. Tesla relies on at least six suppliers in Nuevo Leon, which borders the United States for about 10 miles and is closer to the car company’s new headquarters in Austin. The pass is for suppliers only and not for Tesla owners.

“It was a little stimulus,” Ivan Rivas, Nuevo Leon’s economy minister, told outlets. “What we want is a faster and more efficient crossing. Perhaps there will be a path for other companies in the future as there is in the future Tesla. “

Tesla, which has disbanded its press office, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It’s not clear what incentive, if any, Tesla has offered for exclusive access or what the rules are for its use. The lane is reportedly only available in one direction as US officials have said the US-operated crossings do not provide designated lane for any business.

“For commercial trucks heading north at the Columbia-Solidarity Bridge, there are currently only the regular freight lanes and the Free and Safe Trade Corridor (Express), which is for the exclusive use of companies registered with the CBP-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT),” a spokesperson said. Customs and Border Protection office Take Crunch. “There is no separate, dedicated lane for Tesla or any particular company.”

Border Patrol agents told the outlet that it was unusual to see a lane designated for a single company.

Rivas told Bloomberg that Nuevo Leon has become a hub for electric mobility, and that he estimates that 5% to 7% of investment in the state will come from the industry this year.

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