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On Monday 9th, a blurry video spread on social media. In the post you can see a group reading a message signed by one of the most powerful drug dealers in Mexico carrying heavy weapons around another. . The threat was direct: we were going to kill you. Even its recipient: Asusena Eurasti.

The Jalisco Nueva Generale Cartel (CJNG), its leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes or ‘El Mencho’, issued the warning after accusing the journalist and various Mexican media outlets of supporting self-defense groups operating in the state of Michoacán.

P“I will make you eat your words”: Jalisco Nua Generation Cartel journalist Asusena Uresti receives death threat | Video

In the post, you can see a group of men carrying heavy weapons around another reading a message signed by ‘El Menzo’. (Photo: “L Universal” from Mexico / GDA)

‘El Mencho’ tops DEA’s most wanted men list In addition, according to the same organization, CJNG controls the states of Jalisco, Mykolaiv and Kolima. However, the power they have gained over the past five years has allowed almost the entire country to commit their crimes against the incompetence of the federal government, which can do little before the powerful cartels.

Defensive groups, in their area, paramilitary groups of civilians, armed to confront drug traffickers in their areas. In its report, ‘El Menso’ Michoacan’s defensive groups are actually drug traffickers in the guise of drug traffickers, in addition, bribing the media on their behalf.

But who is Eurasti, why is he at the crossroads of the dangerous Cartel, and what are the real dangers of this threat?

'El Mencho' tops DEA's most wanted men list  (Photo: "Global" Mexico / GTA)
‘El Mencho’ tops DEA’s most wanted men list (Photo: “L Universal” from Mexico / GDA)

Serious Periodist

Originally from Montreal and graduating with a degree from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), Euresti is one of the most important journalists on Mexican television.

Terra Networks began its journalism career as a news anchor and producer in Mexico, moving to the status of Gropo Multimedios Radio in 2005. A year later, he was appointed host of Late Night Newscast, Express Newscast, Last Hour Newscast and Corporate Newscast.

In 2008, Grubo was one of the founders of Millenio’s Millenio television channel. In 2014, Uresti became the main presenter of the nightly edition of the channel’s news broadcast. In addition, he hosts his own show on the famous Grubo Formula radio station.

Eurasti was able to become one of the most important journalists on Mexican television.  (Photo: Facebook / azucenaum)
Eurasti was able to become one of the most important journalists on Mexican television. (Photo: Facebook / azucenaum)

His participation in the first presidential debate of 2018 was one of his most memorable moments on screen. On that occasion, as he seriously questioned the candidates, Eurasia became a national trend.

It is also considered a staunch critic of current President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The reason for the three

In his warning, ‘El Menzo’ notices Milanio, saying, “No. I am against freedom of expression, but whoever shoots me directly they get money from self defense groups.

Later, he directly coordinated Eurasia, the protagonist of the aforementioned project. “Asusena Euresti (…) I promise you wherever you are, I’ll give it to you, and I will let you eat your words even if they accuse me of murdering a woman. “, Threatened the offender.

Almost immediately, the president’s public relations coordinator of the Republic, Jes ரs Ramரேrez Cuevas, sent a tweet in which he promised to protect “threatened journalists and the media” against CJNG’s threats.

That same night, Eurasti appeared on the show to thank his audience, colleagues and officials for their support. “We will continue to do our work“It has always been based on data verification and impartiality,” the journalist said.

A day later, the head of government of the city of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, expressed solidarity with the spokesman and offered protection of the capital. In addition, “L Universal” announced that the Directorate General for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists has been in contact with the capital authorities regarding this case.

Eurasia began its process of seeking protection from human rights defenders and journalists.

On Tuesday, the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) condemned the threats against journalists and other media outlets.Deep concern“Because of the situation in Mexico.

Got journalism

Such a threat cannot be taken lightly in Mexico. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ, for its acronym in English), the North American country and Afghanistan are the most dangerous for reporters worldwide in 2020.

According to data collected by the Interior Ministry (SECOB) until July this year, 43 journalists and 68 human rights defenders have been assassinated in the country since Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office as president in December 2018.

The deadly panorama that has engulfed Mexico for at least two decades led in 2015 to the recognition of the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Social Spokesmen and Directors of Justice legislation. Security for those threatened.

Threats against these groups come, according to Mexican authorities, mainly from drug traffickers, criminal gangs and public officials or businessmen involved in corruption.

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