January 18, 2022


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Melissa Lopadon was deceived by 4,000 feet: “I made this mistake for rushing” “| Farandula | Views

, Daughter Y , Was revealed to have been swindled by 4 thousand feet when buying a cell phone online. The young woman shared her experience through her Instagram account, so we are alerted.

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The Influence He maintained that a relative might have bought the mobile device in the US, but he quickly bought it and bought it online.

“They were going to buy it from me in the US, but I already wanted to have it. I do not know what happened to me that day, I was so eager, so crazy that day, I do not know, I felt so strange, ‘I want my phone’. ” he said Melissa Lopadon.

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Daughter Melissa Klug He commented that he had paid in advance for the purchase of the cell phone and admitted that he had made a serious mistake when depositing all the money.

“He told me that I have to make a deposit of 50% in advance and 50% when they give it to you. (…) I have to admit that I made a big mistake. The thing is, I deposited all the money, the delivery was already close, but in the end the delivery did not come “, Added.

Melissa Lobaton He pointed out that he did not comment to his relatives, his mother, or his brothers because he did so because he was “crazy”.

“I did all this alone, without consulting my mother or sisters, in a hurry, insanely. I deposited all the money and, frankly, they cheated me and I lost 4,000 feet. I was bad at practice for a week because I was sad about what happened because it was obviously my fault. I made this mistake because I wanted to hurry things up ”, Done.

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