May 31, 2023

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Massive oval table that stole the show from Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron

The gigantic figure Oval shaped tableWho kept at a distance Vladimir Putin From Emmanuel Macron During a tense meeting about Ukraine It has traveled around the world, boasting of a small family business in northern Italy, which claims its paternal rights.

“The desk is where we eat, have fun or play, but where we decide wars or sign ceasefire agreements. I hope our schedule brings good luck and does not lead to escalation of war,” he says in an interview. AFP. Renato BolognaCEO of the Italian furniture factory OAK.

Gold leaf and six-meter-long white lacquer furniture have unleashed the imagination of countless internet users on social networks, turning it into a ping-pong table, ice dance or new area. Leonardo da Vinci“The Last Supper”.

Table “A unique piece”, which was measured and presented Kremlin As part of “the largest order we received” in 1995, Bologna says.

Its price? “Oh, it was paid in lira, and the price of such a table today is about 100,000 euros ($ 113,000)” and the total order was “over 20 million euros”, almost $ 23 million.

– Certificate of Boris Yeltsin –

Seren, with a short gray beard, behind a desk at his factory in Condo, near Lake Como, cites a photo of a reprinted table in a book in the Kremlin dated November 22, 1996, signed by Renault Bologna. By the then President of Russia Boris Yeltsin And, above all, paintings with details of an object that has become a cult.

“I am 100% sure of what I am saying,” says the 63-year-old Italian businessman in a humble voice, commenting on the statements of retired Spanish cabinet maker Vicente Zaragoza. Kremlin “About 2005”.

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“This is a peach wooden desk from the Alps,” the Spaniard from Alczar, near Valencia, assured the Spanish station that when he saw his work on television, he recognized it without providing evidence.

“Like inside Spain They say they created a table similar to ours, I imagine it might be a copy, but I do not know, “said Bologna, who wants to avoid any controversy.

Then Emmanuel MacronGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholes’ system, now at the now-popular table on Tuesday, has refused to test the anti-Russian Govt when he arrives in Moscow as French president.

– Waiting for George Clooney –

The furniture, located in the reception room for foreign guests, is only a small part of the work that OAK has done for one of the Kremlin buildings. According to Bologna, they prepared and decorated an area of ​​approximately 7,000 square meters of Russian government headquarters, spread over two floors.

“Outside, Italian craftsmanship design and high quality are very popular,” he stressed, adding that his factory furniture, floors, wood and marble coatings for the Kremlin halls.

The success of the Oval Table, whose image has gone viral, has given him ideas: “It’s good to put it back into production with this noise.”

Among the clients of the company founded by his father in the mid-1950s Bologna And has about fifty staff, including sheikhs and royal families from various Middle Eastern countries.

Former dictators such as Libyan Muammar Gaddafi or Iraqi Saddam Hussein also praised OAK’s standards.

Lake Como, “a fantastic place”, has excellent customer base, “because many Americans, Russians, Indians and Chinese have bought beautiful apartments,” says Bologna. Is in them George Clooney, Who spends at least a month a year there, but has not yet knocked on OAK’s door … for now.

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Russia says French president Emmanuel Macron, He had distanced himself from his Russian counterpart during a meeting on the crisis in Ukraine because of the French president’s refusal to test Kovit in the Kremlin.

Images released on Monday Emmanuel Macron And Vladimir Putin Everyone seated on the edge of a six-meter white table created an avalanche of ideas and many pointed to the coolness that the pictures revealed.

On the Internet, a wide-ranging photograph of the crowd created a stack of jokes and comparisons with distances maintained with other meetings with foreign dignitaries such as Argentine President Alberto Fernandes and Kazakh President Qasim Jomar Tokayev.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that the decision to use the furniture was due to the French president’s refusal to carry out a PCR test on the Russian presidency.

“Conversations with some people are held at a long table, the distance (from the table) is about six meters,” the spokesman said in response to a reporter’s question.

“This is because some people follow their own rules, they do not cooperate with the host,” the official said, adding that in these cases an additional health protocol is imposed to protect the Russian president and his guests. The speaker denied the political background.

Macron travels to Russia to defuse tensions between Moscow and Moscow Ukraine, After a massive movement of Russian troops on the border. (AFP)

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