June 8, 2023


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Marcus Lamb | Corona virus: Christian anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Christian, owner of Dastar television network, dies in Govt-19 | USA | Texas | EC stories | The world

Marcus Lamb, CEO and founder of the conservative Christian Destor television network, has openly opposed the vaccine. , Died of the disease at the age of 64. Dastor confirmed his death on Tuesday.

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“We are deeply saddened to announce that Marcus Lamb, President and Founder of the Dastar Television Network, has departed to be with the Lord this morning.”The network said in a tweet on Tuesday. “The family is grieving the loss and requests that their privacy be respected., Collaboration.

Relatives Lamb They have been talking for the last one month about the struggle against Corona virus. His wife, Joni, said he had diabetes and had been admitted to hospital with low oxygen levels.

Lamp & Dastar, based in Bedford, Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, are resistant to the Govt-19 vaccine and Controls to prevent the spread of disease. The programs feature vaccine skeptics and health professionals who promote alternative therapies. Corona virus.

Before he died, son LambJonathan described his father’s epidemic “Spiritual Attack of the Enemy” To bring it down.

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“My parents have come to tell the world what’s going on with the epidemic and some of the ways to treat Govt., No doubt the adversaries were not happy about it.”, Dijo Jonathan Lamb.

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“He does everything he can to kill my father.” Added.

In describing her husband’s illness, Johnny Lamb Comment: “Everything’s awesome when you get up, then you get a little chance, then it’s like going down and going backwards, it’s like everything I’m talking about.”

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Lamp Network has more than 70 stations across the United States. In addition, it is broadcast in 74 countries around the world.

This chain became a platform for misinformation and conspiracy theories Corona virus.

Accordingly , Treated conspiracy theorists like the misinformation group Leading Physicians of America, Which stated in a viral video that COVID-19 cannot be cured by the commands of masks and masks, but by the anti-malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine.

This chain was designed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy’s nephew has turned the page, he’s a major vaccine opponent.

In recent months, several prominent Christian vaccine announcers have died of the corona virus. Radio presenters Dick Farrell, Phil Valentine and Mark Bernier died of the virus when they were not vaccinated.

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