May 31, 2023

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Malika Salhi | He received a donation of 170 thousand dollars after homeless, but wanted to buy a luxury car | Stories | Interests | nnda nnrt | LOCOMUND

Maybe The 22-year-old girl was kicked out of the house after confessing to her parents that she was a lesbian and in love with another woman. Locals and strangers on more than one social network, but it moved everyone . According to the media that published the report, he was not only left without a roof, but also received death threats from his own mother. With a decision that no one expected because of what he did with the help he collected.

Malika She had to ask friends for help to avoid sleeping on the streets, and asked Italian authorities to help her retrieve her personal belongings left at her parents’ house, but her mother denied that she knew. When your case is done On more than one social network, the young woman launched a campaign GoFoundMe, Says in the explanation that the accumulated money will help him “Rebuild Your Life” Buy a new home.

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As expected, the situation he passed Malika He touched many good Samaritans and, in the first fundraiser, raised 000 170,000 GoFundMe And 15,000 in a second. Many popular Italian media outlets were due to echo the case, but also adjusted to TV shows , Who invited her to tell her story.

However, it was recently discovered that the Italian young woman had purchased one Mercedes Benz is a class With donations, a solidarity initiative turned what started out into a wave of outrage. It’s hers Malika Salhi He posted a video on his social media showing how he drove a luxury car, for which he received numerous criticisms.

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Although he tries to justify himself by confirming that the vehicle belongs to his current partner’s parents, he lives with him. Milan, Obviously just a lie because she admitted she wanted to “An Option” When asked about the look of the car. “He bought me a nice car. He may have bought me a small car. I didn’t buy it. If I lied about the car, it was because they locked me in. They put me in a closet.”, Said the young woman, according to the Italian media .

In addition, it is known that he not only bought an expensive car, but also a clean dog Value $ 3,000. According to the seller, the 22-year-old woman was forced to take the most expensive dog she had, although she was not initially identified, but later found out who it was. “He spent $ 3,000, paid with bank transfers, one on May 15 and the other on May 21. He took the most expensive one.”The merchant revealed.

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