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Louis Nice: Terrible consequence of a former university striker who could be sentenced to life | Chile | Ricardo Carreca | League 1 | The ‘U’ | Catholic University | Caesar Cicahondico | Ronaldinho | John Wifara | Game Total

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Structured, with a rough face, lost eyes, always with a cop. The last photographs of Louis Nice (Santiago de Chile, 1980) show his present and his “new” life that led to bad results. His past has become one of the promises of Chilean football In the second half of 2007. To ‘U’ . Today, in the vicinity of La Legua, he is being held in prison awaiting sentencing in the case of the alleged murder of Juan Pinto after the October 2018 crime.

“The worst case scenario is that the Oral Criminal Court considers it a competent murder. My client is considered a teacher and in that case my client will enjoy permanent imprisonment. The best circumstance is that he has no responsibility for the facts and therefore was acquitted in the case.”, Said his lawyer Juan Hernandez. A man who once dreamed like Ivan Zamorano is about to be locked into life.

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“They argued about the edges inside the house. We were out when we heard the discussion. As we entered the house it rose in tone. At that moment, the debate turned violent. “, He said from prison Nunes To the Chilean newspaper La Tercera on March 7.

Louis Nice's driver's license with the wrong name.  That was the case in Bolivia.
Louis Nice’s driver’s license with the wrong name. That was the case in Bolivia.

“I felt a shot and ran there. It was impossible to stare at who was shooting. I was able to leave the house so that the shots would not hit me. I am innocent. I did not kill anyone. I never had a gun in my hand. It is not possible to kill someone without a gunHe added a former footballer who ran for 500 days, but was arrested in Bolivia in February last year.

You are thinking about taking your own life, you are suffering from depression, Admitted his lawyer. ‘Lucho Pato’, as he is known, is receiving psychiatric treatment in prison.

Gianluca Labatula is interested in the Dropsonsbor club in Turkey
The future of Peruvian striker Gianluca Labatula could be in the Turkish countries, as Dropanspore technicians are looking for a success in their ranks, and “Gladiator-Inca” may be one of them. (Source: USA TV)

Your frustrated dream

A Louis Nunes Everyone remembers him as a quiet man in his childhood. He was a fan of the Catholic ‘U’ and supported the youth of Norampuna because it practically grew up near its headquarters in La Legua. His dream is to become a professional footballer.

He was skinny, but very talented; cachañero, that is his core quality. Over time we turned it into a creative flyer. ”, Recalled Oscar Menis, who was head of departments under the Catholic University in 1990. “In training he always showed conditions. We raised him in the division so he could play in my game. He was always on the team of project playersHe added Fernando Theos, who was part of the technical command.

Arriving in Peru in 2007, he made a short trip Game University. Already at that time, his problems for the justice of his country were known. In 2003, he was accused of lending the apartment to a drug gang called Los Cyprianos.. The government described his house as a warehouse.

“It was only a short time, but he had a special connection with the fan. He’s technically good, but he’s good too. I remember a goal he scored on the last day of Clausura 2007, which approached the northern position and signaled an apology for not reaching the title., Account Kenny Pena, Is a journalist of this publication and knows very little about the history of ‘U’.

After his brief stay at Ats, he was called ‘Cordo Nice’ Mayor Candello– He returned to his home country to play for Catholic, Palestinian and Uplance ‘U’. He left the latter club due to problems with coach George Aravena. In 2010 the door to foreign football was reopened to him. Ecuador’s Catholic ‘U’ hired him, but it did not last long. The following year he returned to Chile to play for Ohikins, Huacchipado and Deportes Concepcion, until his retirement in 2012, when he was detained by intelligence police for being involved in a gang dedicated to robbing ATMs.

When he lost his mom, he went downstairs. It sank a lot. I think it was a back and forth in his life. Journalist directed by Claudio Toro Nunes He described the fact that when he was in Lower Norampuna, when the Chilean player grew up in the same place, and the sale of marijuana and crime normalized at its best, the life of the former perspective may have been twisted.

In 2014 he was accused of financing a drug trafficking business The Legua Y Bolivia, But a turning point in his history occurred in 2018 with eight shots on Francisco Jouret de la Legua Street, after which he was charged with aggravated murder, two attempted murders and minor injuries. He fled.

What happened that day was a bullet in the leg Mario Bathrop The one who went to a store to buy next Juan Pinto Who was shot in the head in the back (“according to the police report, a bullet wound to the head, without leaving the projectile”). Both were part of the rival’s entourage, and it is believed that the shots were fired under the nickname of his comrade L. ‘Quadan’ Andres Vergara. A woman who screamed at the scene was also shot in the arm. Since then, Nunes He was persecuted in every nook and cranny of La Cerra, Chile.

Photo: Agent.
Photo: Agent.

“I’m locked up like a rat”

Between 2018 and 2019, Louis Nice ran for justice in his country. Also from underground he gave an interview to the “El Mercuryo” newspaper. “I’m so sorry, they buried my father, I could not. I had to shoot him with a cell phone camera. The fugitive has nothing to do with the case they are looking for me in. This is a very painful one (…) A bad lie runs through me. I have served four years and 64 days in prison for my past misdeeds, Said the former ‘U’ player in October 2019.

“I am locked up like a rat because justice and the police involved me for no reason and I still can’t say I have anything to do with it. I paid a lot for all my mistakes, but this had nothing to do with me. I swear by the memory of my late fatherAdded.

Today, “Pato Lucho” receives psychiatric treatment while waiting for the end of a difficult game he has to play.

Football player cases that ended in prison

Caesar Ccahuantico

Author of the crime against the club that awarded the statue of people without references and two international titles (one) South American Cup And one South American Regoba). Caesar Ccahuantico On August 11, 2010, he was detained at the Cuenca prison in his hometown of Cusco. The former prisoner was convicted of being an accomplice in a $ 87,000 theft case experienced by the Inca cadre in 2008 and sentenced to seven years in prison.

I was innocent and the only sin I had was having a little friendship with one of the band members who robbed Cianciano – someone called “Chatto” Carlos. They are all free, and I am the only prisoner. Why didn’t the cops who followed me catch them? What happens is, they keep me a trophy, but I have the right to leave. I did not rape, I did not kill, I, like many others in Cianciano, was just a friend of a subject, which is why I was imprisoned. “, Described from prison before he was released in 2014.

Until recently, ‘Solo’ was associated with football as a sports commentator in Division II matches, and now he has released his bottled water. சுமக் அவான்.

John Vifara

He was born in October 1978, but in 2004 he appeared before the world. John Vifara scored the goal for Ones Caldas in the final of the Copa Libertadores against Boca Juniors, in which he was finally crowned champion. He played in two USA Cups, playing in England and Spain; But the former guard is currently being held in a U.S. prison where he was sentenced to eleven years in prison on a drug trafficking charge.

The 42-year-old former footballer, who was born in Robles (Wally), was extradited to the United States on January 24, 2020, and then in December last year, pleaded guilty to plotting to send cocaine to that country.

Prosecutors allege that Wifara planned to leave Colombia in speedboats and end up in the United States via Mexico to export cocaine with members of the Gulf Cartel.

John Vifara after the capture.  (Photo: Agent)
John Vifara after the capture. (Photo: Agent)


In April 2020, the news world was greatly surprised: the man with the eternal smile, Ronaldinho, was imprisoned in a Paraguayan prison. Osmer Legal, a lawyer for the Special Cell for Economic Crimes, was accused of using a public document with false content while trying to enter the country with fictitious passports.

Four months later, the champion of all was released as a footballer. However, he was fined $ 90,000 and his brother $ 110,000.

In prison, Ronaldinho tried to pass the time Futsal was playing.
In prison, Ronaldinho tried to pass the time Futsal was playing.

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Gianluca Labatula is interested in the Dropsonsbor club in Turkey
The future of Peruvian striker Gianluca Labatula could be in the Turkish countries, as Dropanspore technicians are looking for a success in their ranks, and “Gladiator-Inca” may be one of them. (Source: USA TV)

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