May 20, 2022

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Liverpool 2-0 Everton: Premier League – direct reaction! | Premier League

Full time: Liverpool 2-0 Everton

Peep peep! Liverpool Moving into one point from Manchester City after a tense, hard-earned win at Anfield. Divock Origi’s introduction of the watch changed the game. Within two minutes, he helped score a goal for Andy Robertson, and scored the second goal five minutes before the end of the match.

Everton will feel they should have taken a penalty at 0-0, and that Sadio Mane and Joel Matip may have been sent off. It was a very emotional game.

90 + 1 min Richarlison’s shot is straight at Alisson, who copied Jordan Pickford earlier in the game by falling wildly on the ball. The home crowd definitely loved it.

90 + 1 min Richarlison has been booked. I think there was a rift between Coleman and Pickford after that as well.

90 minutes Richarlison may be in trouble here. Henderson missed him, then pushed his studs into the side of Henderson’s leg. I say it’s halfway between the yellow card and the red card.

89 minutes Dele Alli was booked to leave one on Henderson.

88 minutes I still think this is a good day Everton. They played really well, displayed great spirit and avoided any kind of doing that could break their spirits. And Anthony Gordon was amazing.

87 minutes Divock Origi has changed this game. He got the fans going even before he came, playing well in the first goal and then scoring the second.

Divock Origi scored another goal against Everton. Half of the corner was cleared for Henderson on the right, and he clipped it toward Diaz in the far corner. Diaz’s stunning overhead kick went straight to the ground – but bounced perfectly to send Origi into the net from four yards away.

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Goal! Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Origi 85)

guess who.

Divock Origi, Liverpool player, scores the second goal for their team.
Divock Origi, Liverpool player, scores the second goal for their team. Photography: Peter Byrne/Penn

84 minutes After a good run of Salah, Pickford deflected Thiago’s shot behind her.

83 minutes Liverpool makes its last substitution: Jordan Henderson replaces Diogo Jota, and returns with a 4-3-3 score.

82 minutes “I’m not a big fan of Alan at all, but he can hold his head high after the transformation I’ve had today,” says Eric Peterson. “The lack of pace that would normally be easy to exploit becomes irrelevant when the defense remains as tight as Everton, and they have kept a good lid on the cauldron of passion that tends to boil very easily. It was at the heart of why Liverpool He spent such a tough time in a lot of the match trying to smash Everton. “

81 minutes Salah plays 1 – 2 with Origi and hits a low cross that hits him in his own net by Holgate. Fortunately for him, he goes straight to Jordan Pickford.

79 min: Brilliant defense from Robertson! A loose ball was picked up to the left of the area by Dele Alli, who ran off Alexander-Arnold and made a low cross that Robertson smashed wide into the six-yard area. I think Iwobi would have scored without Robertson’s interference.

79 minutes Mikolenko’s free kick from the left was kicked by Alisson unconvincingly. The ball hit Matip and bounced back safely to Liverpool. He could have gone anywhere.

78 minutes “While I agree Everton “He can draw his strength from that performance, so far,” says Rob Moore, “I imagine it is a lot easier to play in a derby against your opponents who are chasing titles than against Leicester or Brentford, for example. And this is just about the competition, not simple. against either of these two respected teams.”

I’d agree with that if they weren’t in the midst of a relegation battle. Every game should be of equal importance, whether consciously or unconsciously.

78 minutes else Everton Change: Salomon Rondon replaces Demarie Gray.

77 minutes Origi plays with Salah and meets Kane in the area. Liverpool You want Stuart Attwell’s uninterested penalty. At worst it was blockage.

76 minutes Quiet little incantation. Liverpool Dominate the game at the moment, though they want to have a second match as quickly as possible.

75 minutes “Sorry for being the classic Bitter Blue, but why does nobody in the media ever point out the clear advantage of being a title-chasing and home-based side with the current Premier League running?” Philip Malcolm says: “Jota could have had two Reds in the first half and if Michael Keane pulls Salah in front of Cobb, that’s a penalty all day.”

Everton were very unlucky in making decisions today. It’s hard to put it in a broader context though. We all think we know that the best teams get more favorable decisions, because referees are human too, but I don’t know how to quantify them.

73 minutes Change at Everton: Dele Alli replaces Alan, who has worked out his nylon/elastane socks.

72 minutes: Too close to gray! What an effort that was. Brilliant Gordon held out Matip and found Iwobi, who squared it off to Gray at 25 yards. He took a touch and saw a rising candy flash widely and hit the post behind the goal. Alison’s desperate dive showed just how worried he was.

71 minutes “According to my weather app, the temperature is 62 degrees Liverpool‘ says Joe Pearson. ‘Why on earth is Klopp wearing a long bouffant coat!?’

There is nothing under it though. no thing.

70 minutes Diaz’s shot takes a deflection and spins across the surface of the net. He’s been amazingly good since he came along.

67 minutes Alexander Arnold’s cross is viewed with his left foot through the back of the Origi. everything Liverpool Now, both in terms of possession And opportunities. This game may be over.

66 min: Off the Line by Holgate! Matip’s header was erased off the line by Holgate, and Salah hits the rebound over the crossbar. That was a really good opportunity for Salah. Pickford was all over the place, having climbed over Jota to punch the ball clear. It was believed that he had been obstructed.

65 minutes That first touch!

64 minutes Diaz kills Alexander-Arnold pass at Crossfield with a header unbelievable The first touch – a kind of flying rapona – then the rabbit overtook Coleman and stabbed a cross shot that Pickford stopped. That first touch was outrageous. He was in the air, his right foot wrapped around his left, and he cushioned it next to his foot.

64 minutes I was about to say before the goal, whatever happens from here, Everton You should take a lot of heart out of their performance today. If they can play that way at Anfield, away matches shouldn’t be such an experience.

63 minutes It looks like this was Origi’s first touch in the game.

Liverpool hit the ball brilliantly in a very crowded area. Salah played a double match with Origi and made an excellent right-footed cross to the far post. Jota couldn’t get past him but Robertson arrived to put his header down again through Pickford.

Goal! Liverpool 1-0 Everton (Robertson 62)

Andy Robertson’s fracture Everton under!

Andy Robertson, Liverpool player.
Andy Robertson, Liverpool player. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Andrew Robertson of Liverpool celebrates scoring.
Robertson celebrates the score. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

60 minutes Two changes for Liverpool: Luis Diaz and Divock Origi replace Naby Keita and Sadio Mane. I think that means switching to a 4-2-4: Diaz is left, Salah Yammine, Origi and Jota are up front.

59 minutes The resulting free kick passed through the goal and headed by Iwobi. It wasn’t much of a chance. Liverpool fans chant Divock Origi.

58 minutes Alexander Arnold is booked to frustrate outstanding player Anthony Gordon, who had run 60 yards into the break. His stance and fighting spirit are impressive.

57 minutes if Everton Don’t lose sight of this, as this is the most likely scenario, Frank Lampard will have a lot to complain about. Sadio Mane may have been sent off, and since he wasn’t trying to play the ball, Matip would also have walked in had he been penalized for pushing Gordon.

56 min: Just Away From Gordon! Another chance for Everton In the second half. Iwobi flips a clever pass over Matip and Alexander-Arnold to find Gordon, who is dragging with his left foot from a tight angle.

53 minutes: Everton Penalty call! Everton broke three on two, with Iwobi playing with Gordon on the left of the area. Matip comes and tends to Gordon, who falls. Stuart Atwell decides it’s neither a dive nor a penalty kick. It’s definitely not a dive but it could easily have been a penalty – it was halfway between the lean and the boost. I think this is a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t a clear and obvious error, so I can understand why VAR wasn’t getting involved.

52 minutes Jota’s rear wheel almost fell on Keita, with Mikolenko firing the ball wide. everything Liverpool, as it was all along. But they still did not shoot a shot on goal.