May 28, 2023

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Live | President Pedro Castillo attends the VI summit in Mexico

President Pedro Castillo Participates in the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Community this morning (Selak), At the National Palace of Mexico.

At a meeting of representatives from more than 30 countries, the agreement for the constitution of the Latin American and Caribbean space agency was signed and the fund was raised. Selak In response to the comprehensive disaster.

In addition, during his visit to Mexico, the Head of State will meet with the Executive Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Commission (Sebal), Alicia Barcena.

Command Arrived in Mexico the day before And representatives of the Mexican Government, Secretary of State, Marcelo Ephraim, And Secretary of Culture, Alejandro Frosto.

Two Mexican government officials welcomed the president Castillo And thank you for their participation in the VI Summit Selak.

Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, A reception was given ahead of the summit of the community of Latin American and Caribbean (Selak) community, in which a dozen leaders are expected to attend and from countries including Venezuela, Cuba and Peru.

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, except Peru Pedro Castillo And Cuban Miguel Diaz-Canel joined the meeting, in which Lopez Obrador seeks to promote the organization in a way that is detrimental to the Organization of American States (OAS).

Maduro was suspected of attending the summit this Saturday and was without official confirmation until he arrived in Mexico City. This Friday he was welcomed by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Efrard, who immediately met at the first bilateral meeting.

Castillo’s meeting with Slim

On your first foreign trip, Pedro Castillo Take the opportunity Meets Mexican businessman and billionaire Carlos Slim.

“We had a fruitful meeting with Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, where we discussed the importance of sustainable investment. We agreed that the Carlos Slim Foundation will support the implementation of digital connectivity projects in support of education, health and employment,” Castillo said in a message on Twitter.

During his visit, Castillo will also meet with Alicia Barcena, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Celac and OAS

This Saturday, state leaders and the government Selak They will meet in the Mexican capital to deepen the collective fight against the epidemic and discuss a possible change in OAS. Lopez Obrador called for the creation of a “similar” to the European Union (EU) for the Latin American region and to change the OAS.

The founding agreement for the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE) was signed during the Selak Foreign Ministers’ Summit in July, and it is now expected that the organization will be so established at this new summit. (With information from Antenna and EFE)

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