November 28, 2022

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Live | Congress: Full session resumes after Anibal Torres question of confidence and debate over Pedro Castillo’s permission to travel to Mexico and Chile | Politics

After the decision of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, the plenary session of the Congress resumed at 3:30 pm. To raise the question of a trust that seeks to cancel a project That .

However, at the beginning of the session, Congress President Jose Williams Zapata did not mention the issue. President’s request To participate in the XVII Summit of the Pacific Alliance in Mexico from November 24 to 29 and the IV Bilateral Cabinet between Peru and Chile.

Here is the Congress signal:

See: Aníbal Torres: About which bill did you raise a question of confidence?

Follow the session details here:

The provision the government is questioning — about which it raised questions of confidence — replaces sections 40 and 44 of the Citizen Participation and Control Rights Act (Act 26300). The changes approved by Congress reaffirm that any initiative for constitutional reform must be submitted to a referendum (according to Article 206 of the Constitution).


Section 83 of the Rules of Procedure of the Congress

A question of confidence raised by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers shall be discussed and voted on at the same session or at the following session, as previously agreed upon by the action of the Board of Directors or the plenary session of the Congress.

The result of the vote shall be immediately communicated to the President by an official letter signed by the President and one of the Vice-Presidents of the Congress.

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In case of complete rejection of confidence in the Council of Ministers, the President will accept the resignation of the Prime Minister and other Ministers, which should happen immediately.

According to Article 133 of the Constitution, a total crisis of the cabinet takes place in case of “no confidence” (resignation of all ministers and appointment of a new committee).

Further, Establishes that “the President has the power to dissolve Congress” if the demand for “two councils” is rejected.

Watch Aníbal Torres’ presentation here:

Last week, Anibal Torres announced the promising matter, but for the 1704/2021-PE project, it later By the Constitutional Commission. The executive committee’s initiative sought to repeal Act 31355, which created the issue of trust, and was approved on October 21, 2021, at the insistence of a full session of Congress.

The Prime Minister announced his decision to insist on the figure after Parliament rejected his first trade. According to Torres, the question of trust only arises when presented and supported in a plenary session.

Earlier, Congress leader Jos Williams had told him that his first demand was “not acceptable” as it referred to procedures “relating to the exclusive and exclusive powers” of Parliament.

Later, before a new letter from the head of the cabinet, Williams informed Zapata that he could go. .

“I reiterate that any question of trust must be raised in accordance with our founding text, Section 86 of the Rules of the Republic Congress, and Act 31355, the Act Improving the Question of Trust. Communication”said the Speaker of Parliament.

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