June 8, 2023


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Level 905 | Powerful Barrett gun seized from ‘Koki’ criminal gang in Caracas, Venezuela | The world

A Barrett M99 rifle, valued at about 4,000,000, was seized in the United States by the regime’s security forces To the operating criminal gang , Ann , Which is led by Koki, Calvis and Vampires.

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Andrei Serbin Bond, director of the Regional Coordinator for Economic and Social Intelligence, an expert in weapons and equipment National This product is designed for the North American civil market and is an economically accessible version of the full line offered by the company in 50 caliber rifles.

This is the version of the steel monoderos. You shoot, you have to open the bolt, remove the case, manually place a new projectile, close the bolt and you can continue to shoot again. For ballistic, the behavior of ammunition is similar to that of one of the two weapons, what changes the rate of fire it can fire and apparently the price of the gun.”, He explained.

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This is not the M82

Misinformation was spread on social media, in which he promised to seize a gun from the Kokwi gang. This is an M82 model. Even a chart outlined the properties.

(Credit: L National de Venezuela, GTA)
(Credit: L National de Venezuela, GTA)

Serbin Bond said the model was semi-automatic and had five rounds of removable press. This allows Not just shooting at great distances, Excellent navigation capability, but with multiple sequences in a row.

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Unlike the M99, The M82 version is priced at $ 10,000 in the United States, Which is a very significant difference in terms of prices, the international analyst said.

Serbian Bond added that these are weapons Dangerous for most armored vehicles Bolivarian National Police and Bolivarian National Guard. He said these versions are very common in criminal organizations in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Eligio Rojas, newspaper journalist Last message, Reported to the Security Agency They also seized a Passover and 12 bullets. According to official sources, the weapons were in a warehouse.

Venezuela’s nationality, GTA

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