May 28, 2023

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Laura Bosco did not surrender to authorities and asked to be remanded in custody

The Mexican judiciary demanded detention Laura Bosso For a charge tax offense of more than 12 million pesos. However, the TV presenter did not volunteer at the Santiago prison in Almoyola de Jurez.

Similarly, according to the Mexican media, the lawyer also demanded that the action be stopped. As mentioned, Poso’s defense said he had a lung disease and that the disease could get worse if he went to jail..

“Things that demand the suspension of the said law will remain as they are, i.e., Laura Bosco continues to enjoy her freedom and the precautionary measures against the block have not been implemented”, Refers to media reform.

It is worth noting Laura Bosso According to the Trom newspaper, he had a deadline of 5:00 pm on Friday, August 13 to surrender to justice. As he did not come forward automatically, he obtained an arrest warrant and began his search.

Laura Posso spoke after the detention order

By telephone contact with the ATV Notices program, Laura Bosco responds after Mexican judiciary orders detention for a tax offense.

“I do not know where these are coming from. I will not talk about this issue anymore. Let my lawyers talk. I have nothing more to talk about,” said the self-styled words ‘lawyer for the poor’.

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