May 28, 2023

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Landslide LIVE in Miami: Debris from the south building of the Champline Towers on the Surface was demolished by explosives | Florida | USA | Video and Photos | The world

Ten days after most of its structures collapsed, the remains of a 12-story building on a nearby site , A tropical storm in Florida devastated Sunday night with a controlled eruption just before Elsa arrived.

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The search for victims ready for demolition was halted Saturday. The temporary presence of the disaster left 24 dead and 121 missing.

According to television footage, the controlled demolition took place just after 10:30 pm local time (02:30 GMT).

One of the largest urban disasters in U.S. history, much of the southern building at Champlain Towers collapsed in the early hours of June 24, kicking in a huge cloud of dust.

Authorities feared the remaining building would collapse, endangering those rescued. Those fears were heightened by the arrival of tropical storm Elsa, scheduled for Tuesday in Florida.

Look: Hurricane Elsa is causing concern in Miami to recover in a collapsed building

“Demolition is limited to the immediate area around the building.” Warned Sunday Mayor of Miami-Date County, Daniella Levine, During a press conference.

“However, there is dust and other particles that are an inevitable product of all kinds of debris and as a precautionary measure we urge immediate immediate residents to stay indoors.Added.

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“Destroying this building, a storm is coming. We have to do it anyway. It’s prudent.” Florida Gov. Ron Desantis said Saturday.

View: வாழ்க | The tropical storm Elsa goes to Cuba, which dictates the “alarm phase”

Levine pointed it out Demolition of a building is “necessary” to “expand” the search function. Because of the risk of landslides the teams could not go deep.

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President Joe Biden visited the scene on Thursday, met with relatives of the victims, upgraded the monument to the metal mesh covered with photos of the dead and the missing and decorated with flowers and candles.

Survivors are said to have woken up at around 1:30 a.m. (05:30 GMT) on the day of the crash.

Rescue teams arrived within minutes of the building collapsing, helping to evacuate dozens of residents and pulling a young man alive from the rubble.

Although sniffer dogs and cranes were used to carry the debris, no one else was found.

Among the missing are dozens of Latin Americans from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Although the hypothesis of failure in the maintenance of the building has been raised, the cause of the collapse is not yet clear.

“We do not have conclusive evidence of what happened,” Biden said Thursday, adding that “there are many questions.”

Among them, he mentioned the maintenance and construction of the building, nearby construction sites and rising water.

A 2018 report released by city officials revealed fears of “major structural damage” to the premises, from the concrete slab under the pool deck to the columns and beams in the parking lot.

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Partial collapse of a building in Florida
The 12-storey apartment building on the Surface north of Miami Beach collapsed Thursday, killing at least one person and sparking a frantic search for those trapped in the rubble. (Source: AFP)

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