January 18, 2022


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Landslide in Miami LIVE: Bodies found in the rubble of the South Building of the Champlain Towers in Surface, Florida, USA have risen to 32 | The world

Four bodies found in 12-storey building collapse on Surface () Were found in the last hour, with 32 dead and 113 missing.

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Miami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa presented the figures at a news conference Tuesday.

View: Remains of a collapsed building in Miami have been demolished by explosives | Video and photos

The search and rescue mission continues despite “very bad” weather in the region as a result of tropical storm Elsa’s approach to Florida.

As the storm approaches Elsa, Whose strong winds may have destroyed the remains of the building that put rescuers in danger, authorities chose to demolish it with a controlled explosion Sunday night.

Levine Kawa said on Sunday that “controlled demolition of the building” was “essential” to expand the search operation because teams had not previously been able to inspect it due to the risk of collapse.

Now he pointed out that the demolition was carried out according to plan.

Debris after the demolition of the South Building at Sampline Towers.  (EFE / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH).
Debris after the demolition of the South Building at Sampline Towers. (EFE / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH).

On the other hand, he said, the authorities “raised millions of dollars for the generosity of people in this country and around the world” to distribute among the families affected by the collapse.

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“Almost zero”

Eleven days after the tragedy, the chances of finding the survivors were “almost zero,” Colonel Wach, an expert with one of the Israeli teams at the scene, told Local10.

“We try to be optimistic, but we are realistic,” he said.

View: Hurricane Elsa raises concerns about recovery of collapsed building in Miami

“The circumstances we have seen are very difficult to tell professionally. We think we have a good chance of finding someone alive,” Wach said.

Only one young man who survived the first hour of the crash was found alive in the rubble. Since then, no one else has been found, despite the mobilization of rescue workers from across the United States and even from Israel and Mexico.

The missing include dozens of Latin Americans from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay.

No answers

U.S. President Joe Biden visited the scene Thursday and met with relatives of the victims, who improved the monument on the metal fence covered in photos. Deceased And missing and decorated with flowers and candles.

Although the hypothesis of failure in the maintenance of the building has been raised, the cause is still unclear Decline.

“We do not have conclusive evidence of what happened,” Biden said Thursday, adding that “there are many questions.”

Among them, he mentioned the maintenance and construction of the building, nearby construction sites and rising water.

A 2018 report released by city officials revealed fears of “major structural damage” to the premises, from the concrete slab below the pool deck to the columns and beams in the parking lot.

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Partial collapse of a building in Florida
The 12-storey apartment building on the Surface north of Miami Beach collapsed somewhat on Thursday, killing at least one person and searching for those trapped in the rubble. (Source: AFP)

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