December 8, 2021

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La Pascualida | Mexico: Mother embalming her daughter and keeping it as a symbol in her shop | Chihuahua. The world

How many times have you noticed being noticed by a manic? Of course they are not real human beings, but what if they are or are not? That is the legend of ‘La Pascualida’, who became a beautiful woman after death and was in the shop window.

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As the story goes, in 1930 a beautiful mannequin arrived in Chihuahua. . His distinct resemblance to human beings is beyond darkness.

According to local media outlet ‘Diario de Guerrero’, records indicate that it was brought from France “on behalf of Pasqualida Esparza Parales de Perez, who at the time was in charge of a clothing store called La Popular.”

Strange thing and began to create rumors, this model is different from the others.

To many the details of her hands, the features of her face, the nails she wore, the fingertips, the eyes seemed to give life and it was very surprising to see him because of a certain resemblance to the dead daughter of Esparza Perlus de Perez.

The legend of the corpse

Shop staff and passersby visiting the city began to create stories about Manequin.

The model shown in the display case is a corpse which is one of the most popular. His story is a bit more confusing than it sounds.

“Pasqualida” is said to be the daughter of Esparza Paralus de Perez, a young woman, who is about to get married, but, fortunately, a scorpion strikes her, and she dies on the day she is best off of her life.

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After her sudden death, her mother could not be separated from her, so she decided to embalm and put it in the window of her shop.

Almost 90 years later

Of concern is that the corpse is used to display wedding dresses and the shop has become the home of ‘Pascualida’.

Over the years, there has been a change of ownership, but ‘Pasqualida’ is still at the La Popular counter and has become one of the city’s best attractions.

Yes it is inside Chihuahua Do not forget to stop at the famous store and see the body of a woman who died almost 90 years ago.

In addition, “It is said that it brings good luck to women who are about to get married, if they buy the dress worn by this mannequin,” the newspaper ‘Diorio de Guerrero’ published.

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