May 31, 2023

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La Libertad: Albanian drug trafficking mafia settles in Trujillo | Drugs | PNP | Trondro | Holland | Lime | Callao | Community

Alarms of Drug police Loaded during by Albanian citizens Bad Frank Y Cole Gentgen Entered illegally Peru Via Huaquillas, on the border EcuadorIn November 2021. Upon checking Frank and Gentjan’s background, the Drug Enforcement Agency discovered that they had records. Drug trafficking In his country, Albanian. So, the police began the task of tracking them down, which ended with an operation on Friday 10th June and Saturday 11th June. Trujillo And this Callo. Frank and Gentgen settled in Trujillo and came to the country to export 2.2 tons of camouflaged liquid cocaine. On a ship of registered asparagus, it was scheduled to be shipped in a shipping container RotterdamHolland.

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