December 8, 2021

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Kyoto Hattori | TOKYO: Japan train attack that wanted to “kill a lot of people” dressed as the Joker on Halloween night | The world

Who stabbed 17 people inside a train last Sunday, injuring 17 and setting it on fire Police said today that he had confessed that he wanted to kill “a lot of people” when he was disguised as a Joker.

The suspect, who was identified as a 24-year-old man, and the teacher of the incident admittedKyoto Hattori began planning an attack on a Tokyo train track on Halloween night months ago. And coincides with the holding of general elections Japan.

View: The attacker on the Tokyo train wanted to kill someone in Joker costume should be sentenced to death | Video

Hattori decided to launch his attack on Halloween night thinking that there would be a lot of people on public transport because of that celebration., And was strolling in the busy district Shibuya Before boarding the train to the station Shinjuku – Something very exciting Such– The incident took place, as explained by a police spokesman on Tuesday.

Suspect, who Went to Tokyo a month ago He was unemployed and he started thinking Do a crime that “I can kill a lot of people” With intent to be arrested last June and Sentenced to death, According to those responsible for the investigation.

Hathori He pleaded guilty to stabbing and setting fire to a train after being taken into custody without assault after the attack, and said he decided to disguise himself for the event. The Joker Or one of the villains in the Batman franchise because he enjoys this character.

Kyoto Hattori (left), stabbed with a Halloween knife on a Tokyo train and arrested for Death attack. (STR / JIJI PRESS / AFP).

One of the 17 people injured in the incident, a 72-year-old man, is in critical condition after receiving multiple stab wounds to the chest from the suspect. Most of the other victims came from inhaling smoke.

The incident caused panic Passengers fled from the attacker and the train caught fire, with some of them trying to escape on the platform through car mirrors, as recorded by witnesses filmed and uploaded on social networks.

The Ministry of Transportation announced on Tuesday that it was analyzing preventive measures to avoid such incidents, following the metro and suburban network of the Japanese metropolis that had witnessed similar incidents in previous months.

In early August, a man wounded ten people in another knife attack on the Odakyu railway line, the suspect told police, which may have inspired Hattori.

Two men were stabbed in an apparent accident at Ueno station in mid-August, and two more were injured when a man in the capital sprayed acid on the face of an old acquaintance.

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