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Investigators found the 1974 Ford Pinto Runbout, a 22-year-old student returning from Georgia to Auburn University that went missing 45 years ago, authorities announced Wednesday. .

Kyle Wade Klingskels’ car pulled out of a stream around Kusetta, Alabama, After a person called 911 on Tuesday, said he believed he had seen a vehicle. Inside the car, the researchers figured out what they were thinking Human bones with identification card And own credit ClinkscaleAccording to County Sheriff James Woodruff Team, Georgia.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking for more bones in the mud vehicle and will determine whose fragments have been found so far. ClinkscaleUtraf told a news conference.

District Officers Team They had said that before Clinkscale Was murdered. In 2005, two people were arrested in connection with the boy’s disappearance following a call from the boy’s parents. . Then he was thrown into a pool.

Both were charged with making false confessions. Pete Skandalagis, who was a district attorney at the time, said he had decided not to charge one of them. The other pleaded guilty to two counts of making false statements and spent seven years and eight months in prison.

Louis Klingskels holds a photo of his son Kyle Klingskels when he was 21 years old. She died this year. (Renee Hannis / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP).

Herb Granford, the troupe’s current district attorney, provided the documents in the case. But he did not comment in an email and said it was a public inquiry.

Authorities have not yet found the body Clinkscale. Woodruff said Wednesday he had no connection to the two arrests and could not comment on them.

We have been searching for this young man and this car for 45 years., Said. “We filtered the lakes. We looked here and there and analyzed this theory and that theory. Nothing always came up.”

Clinkscale He drove 45 miles (72 km) back from Auburn, Georgia, on January 27, 1976, to Auburn, but never arrived. He reportedly worked as a partner in Logrange.

Woodruff did not dismiss the “wrong game” in the disappearance Clinkscale.

“What the GPI finds in the car, how many bones are found, if they find a skull, I’d love to see”, Said. “Was he murdered and left there? Did you go on the road and have an accident? We hope we will find it, 45 years have passed.

The stream where the vehicle was found runs under a bridge. The back door of the hatchback was open and visible, officials said.

“We don’t know if it’s rusty or open,” he said. Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhardt said, Alabama.

The vehicle is not far from Interstate 85, which runs from Lockrange to Auburn.

Father of Clinkscale He died in 2007 and his mother died this year, Woodruff said. He is her only son.

“She always hoped he would come home”, Woodruff said. “We always hoped we would find him before she died. The hope that we found the car gives me great relief.

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