May 28, 2023

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Korean female WhatsApp stickers have banned social media celebrity Zinmiran and why they can’t share their viral memes wp facebook | Viral

We’ve all seen it on some stickers Or their On Facebook. Rohi’s bizarre reactions to the Korean woman quickly went viral with her expressive face. His fame has crossed boundaries, but you can no longer use his stickers everyday to communicate about his mother’s decision.

Who is the Korean girl who plays the famous sticker?

Also known as Rohi, or Ginmiran BabyA South Korean woman who has become popular on social media. His hilarious reactions made him popular in 2019 And different stickers on WhatsApp.

She has not gone unnoticed on social media. At the age of four, he has more than 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account, impressing everyone with his gestures.

Why did you become famous? Her outbursts and expressions have created the identification of more than one person, which has quickly gone viral on social networks.

Zinmiran’s stickers are going viral on WhatsApp

Why can’t you use their stickers anymore?

By becoming a public figure at such a young age, his mother decided not to use his pictures without family permission. Despite this, Netizens decided to continue using the woman’s stickers on WhatsApp, as well as her memes.

As a result, Zinmiran decided that his mother had the right to reproduce or use images of small celebrities, claiming that he also had advertising contracts and participation in certain television shows.

By doing so, he will be suing anyone who shares Zinmiran’s stickers or memes without parental permission, and above all, to prevent the girl’s image from being used for profit.

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