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Yes or yes, have a medal . The Peruvian champion will compete against the world elite female athlete parade on the morning of August 6th. Before leaving for Japan, she was in Dumbass as part of her training, which she worked tirelessly on in the pre- and post-epidemic worlds. Huankana has been following the discipline since she was five, and today she is 27. Understood, this is a time of good accumulation of dreams and endeavors. So the expectation is very high.

This is the second time the athlete has competed in the Olympics (this is the big time, Friday, August 6, 2:20 am). The first chance was in Rio de Janeiro 2016, and then she was 14th. According to the details, today she is feeling very strong both physically and psychologically. Has traveled more and more kilometers. In his last four major tournaments, Kimberly has excelled: first place at the 2018 Cochrane South American Games; Second place at the 2018 Trujillo Ibero-American Athletics Championships; First place at the Pan American March Cup Mexico 2019 and second place at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Before the epidemic, everything was simple. In principle we can travel more. Then we could not even use the stadiums and we had to look for places far away from Juanzaio to train so as to avoid infection. I had to use a treadmill at home to not stop during isolation. It was very difficult, but we are adapting. Over the past few months I have been training between Lima, Huanghaio and Tumbes. I have to be in a warm area as part of the Japanese summer adaptation process. “, Tells Somos, who is an ambassador for Hunt Oil, PERU LNG, Adidas and Unacem.

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“I’m going to Japan with full enthusiasm. I hope I can give this joy to the country that has suffered the most recently,” he added. I don’t want to think about the American game. Then I will make a decision, because as I am, everything is 110% sacrifice and discipline, ”explains Garcia, who specializes in management and gastronomy. “Studies to focus my full energy on the Olympics are now at a break, but I’m not going to give it up by any means,” he concludes. Of these she will compete in the 20km test. Today its time is 1 hour 28 minutes 56 seconds.

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Kimberly and her silver medal at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games (Photo: GEC)
Kimberly and her silver medalist at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games (Photo: GEC)

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Tips for starting a walk

In the middle of his production, the champion shared There are Five suggestions for those who want to exercise near home. Of course, from his mastery of the athletic walking sport.

  1. Make a decision. But, seriously. Sports are health. Whether we want to lose weight or improve our physical condition should be done first, but not really. 15, 20, or 30 minutes a day is best”.
  2. Keep enough sandals.Being comfortable is important. A short, polo shirt and a soft sole with sneakers are a minimum requirement. AndThe latter does not have to be expensive, or the soles should be too high, but they should be soft”.
  3. Eat some sources of energy and hydrate.Before running, it is best to take something that gives us energy to withstand physical exertion. I recommend oats (alone) or a banana. Fifteen minutes before departure will suffice. Also, you should drink water regularly during exercise.”.
  4. Apply the basic principles of athletic walking. According to the first thing to consider. This technique involves placing the heel, first the heel, then the tip of the foot. Do not forget that one foot should always be in contact with the floor. You have to go fast, yes. You have to ask yourself. Considering the speed at which one is progressing, the hips are already moving. You don’t have to force it, it comes naturally. On the other hand, your hands should be at a 90 degree angle. The shoulders stand firm.
  5. Start with a short distance. Every day can start with a kilometer. We do not need to abuse our body for the first few days. There are apps that can be downloaded from the phone that tell you how far you are progressing. They are very effective”.

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