September 26, 2022

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Kim Jong-un’s sister blames South Korea for her country’s COVID-19 outbreak and warns of “retaliation”

Kim Yo-jongThe powerful sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong UnAccused South Korea caused an explosion COVID-19 in his country and warned of “retaliation”, state media reported on Thursday.

North Korea The explosion of “foreign goods” near the border is due to the fact that it is common for South Korean activists to send propaganda balloons and US dollars across the border.

Thursday, Kim Yo-jong The cause of this burst of activity COVID-19 And the official North Korean agency said they committed a “crime against humanity”. KCNA.

“It is very worrying that South Korea is sending leaflets, money, leaflets and other items to our region,” he said. Kim Yo-jongNoting that Pyongyang Considered “strong retaliation”.

He threatened that if the balloons continued, “we will respond not only by eradicating the virus, but also by the South Korean authorities.”

A victory against Covid-19?

The comments are consistent with his brother’s day Kim Jong Un He declared “success” in the outbreak Corona virus No new cases have been detected after nearly two weeks.

The country closed its borders at the start of the pandemic, but in May it found cases of the omicron variant in Pyongyang, which has caused nearly 4.8 million infections in one of the countries with one of the world’s worst health systems. .

According to Kim Yo-jongThe same leader made the deal COVID-19 And “he suffered from high fever during the days of this isolated war,” he said. (AFP)

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