May 31, 2023

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Keiko Fujimori: Spanish far-right party seeks appointment of Peruvians after goodwill with Vaux Fuerza leader | Spain | Politics

Vox, an extreme right-wing Spanish political party, seeks to include more bigots in its ideology.. For this purpose, you have created a webpage He invites people living in Peru to “associate” or “cooperate” with them. Earlier, Vokes visited our country Hold a meeting with Keiko Fujimori and Fursa Popular. He has also spoken to the heads of the banks Popular update And Developing country.

One of Vox’s role models: to stop the “progress of communism.” Latin America. According to far-right parties, they will achieve this by forming alliances across the continent. In that sense, they have created a document Madrid menu, That “Defends Freedom and Democracy in the Iberosphere (The Party has changed its name to Latin America) “.

This document was created by right-wing leaders from Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador and many more. In which Peru. The Charter of Madrid confirmsPart of the region is being hijacked by dictatorial regimes inspired by communism. Supported by drug trafficking and third countries.

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When Keiko Fujimori met with Vox representatives in Lima. Photo: Keiko Fujimori Twitter

Against the Anti-Abortion, Anti-Immigration and Sexual Violence Act

Vokes is one of the main opposition to the government Pedro Sanchez In Spain. Its ideology is classified as extreme conservative or extreme right because it is compatible with these types of ideas.

Their leader, Santiago Abascal, A character who is always characterized by attacking a legal abortion. He has said he will repeal the current law in his country if he reaches out to the government on more than one occasion.

The same thing happens with his speeches on migration. Vox is classified as a staunch opponent of this issue, mainly from the Muslim majority. An example of this is that in 2019 Abascal proposed ending global health for this group.

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“Man is not the enemy, it’s violence, there is no gender, gender, age or sexual orientation to violence,” he asserted, assuring that “people cannot be protected according to their genitals.”

Therefore, it is urgent to stop the effect of illegal immigration, which endangers the survival of European culture and the lives and safety of its citizens.Vokes ruled in a statement.

This year, the far-right party has promoted an attempt to repeal it Law against sexual violence in Spain. According to the extremist group, they seek to “protect all victims” regardless of gender, age and sexual orientation and condemn the “dictatorship of feminism”.

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